Breaking News: 800b Cap fight in Lantorn over Faction Fortizar


A capital fight has broken out this evening in Lantorn in Heimatar over a Faction Fortizar owned by Snuffed Out.

The battle was fought over the Fortizar’s armor reinforcement timer, and a motley collection of primarily lowsec alliances (later joined by Pandemic Horde) arrived to shoot at the structure.

Siege Green were the primary attackers, and unleashed a torrent of fighters against the Fortizar. Their efforts were stymied by Snuffed Out, who had a seemingly endless supply of fighters to launch in response.

A subcap fleet from the attackers then warped to 0 on the Fortizar and began trying to clear out the carriers. Dreadnoughts from both sides then engaged, with a surprise CVA dreadnought fleet adding to the numbers on the Snuffed out side. Despite reshipping several times, Siege Green were unable to overwhelm the attackers and lost a significant number of caps.

Their subcaps were continuing to shoot the Fortizar, and with support from Rekking Crew and Pandemic Horde, the Fortizar was successfully pushed into a hull reinforcement timer. While Siege Green and allies won the timer, they lost significantly more ISK than Snuffed Out and Co., with the current battle reports showing almost 600B lost by the attackers, with only 300B lost by the defenders.

The hull timer is due out Sunday afternoon, and we will see if similar numbers turn up for the final timer.

INN will keep you updated when the timer comes out on Sunday.

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