BREAKING: Battle in 1L-OEK


More than 1000 pilots from alliances involved in the Southeastern War have descended upon 1L-OEK for a sizable brawl between major belligerent powers.

The cause of the fight is believed to have been a Test Alliance Please Ignore Astrahus that was anchored on grid with a Fraternity. Fortizar, presumably to use as a staging area. Forces from the Southeastern power bloc of Fraternity., Triumvirate., and Red Menace Coalition have amassed against TEST, Tactical Supremacy, and Brave Collective.

The Southeastern bloc has committed a sizable capital force, which has been countered in kind by TEST. Upwards of 150 capital ships are reported to have entered the fray, with the Southeast currently having lost 36 dreadnoughts and 6 FAX against TEST’s 6 dreadnoughts, 5 FAX, and 1 carrier, though kill reports are continuing to come in.

Northern Coalition has also been reported in the battle, but as of this time it is not known whether they are third partying or taking a side, though it is believed that they are assisting Fraternity.

Fights of this size are unusual in AU TZ, though its proximity to EU TZ may be affecting the numbers.

A dscan as of 0708 EVE shows the ships in range of the Fortizar grid.

A battle report is available. However, take note that it may not be up-to-the-moment accurate while the battle continues to rage.

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