Blue on Blue


Amidst 28 other enemy kills that lit up 1DQ1-A early on Saturday, January 6, a four-billion-ISK Revelation piloted by Alexander16 of INIT was accidentally destroyed by Captain Derek of Wildly Inappropriate. The blue-on-blue kill came amidst an effort to clear Delve’s trade hub of enemy activity.

“I was trying to boson an enemy fleet and the Rev landed on me at zero while the boson was activating,” Derek explained. A Bosonic Field Generator distorts localized space-time and literally tears apart ships caught in its kill zone.

To add insult to injury, Alexander16 had just bought the dreadnought. “I was bored …  so I bought a new dread, undocked and warped to the gate,” Alexander said. The result is in the killmail.

Derek lived in Delve years ago when LAWN, PIZZA and Black Legion enjoyed a lack of jump fatigue. “LAWN had just moved down from Branch. We were fat and full of carebears,” he said, referring to a time when half of Delve was rented out under Publord. He returned to the region last year after spending some time with Shadow Cartel in Essence. Alexander is a longtime member of the Swedish corp Big Shadows.

“I don’t think the guy was super happy about losing the ship, but he was relatively cool about it.” Derek explained, who added, “the dude’s already been reimbursed for his loss.”

Author’s Note: Captain Derek can be found musing on Eve at his blog

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  • DragonZer0

    And this is why you have the capital hull energized dc.

    January 11, 2018 at 2:14 PM
  • highonpop

    Shoot Blues then tell Vile Rat

    January 12, 2018 at 2:39 PM