Anger Games: First Weekend Review


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Last weekend (April 24+25) was the first weekend of the Anger Games: Rebirth, and what a weekend. Our apologies for not getting this recap out sooner, but it’s been a busy week!

Technical Difficulties?

Before we get to the action, I want to briefly address the technical issues from Day One. Shortly before we were due to go live, our stream producer experienced some issues and was no longer able to host for us. Luckily, the EVE_NT crew were able to help us out, and we got back on track fairly quickly.

We were unable to stream the first three matches of the tournament, but they were recorded with live commentary, and are available on the tournament’s Youtube channel. We want to say a massive thanks to everyone over at EVE_NT for all their help, and for everything else they do to support the tournament community. Cheers, dudes!

The Action

Matches came thick and fast during this first weekend, with a match scheduled to run every fifteen minutes (or as close as we could get) for four and a half hours each day, plus a short break that the commentary team did a fantastic job of talking through. We saw some clean sweeps, and also an incredibly close points win (sorry again about that hiccup, JOVCO and Fork Lift!)

The full stream VODs from Day 1 and Day 2 are available on the EVE_NT Twitch channel for now. We have also uploaded all the matches from Day 1 and Day 2 to our official Youtube channel. 

The Winners (and Losers)…

After these two incredible days, we have eight teams remaining in the winners bracket. In bracket order, these are:

Goondra Unloaded
JOVCO Mining Division

Warlords of the Deep

TEST Alliance Please Ignore
Aggressively Midtier

Sudden Vydra

We also said goodbye to seven teams on Sunday: 

2 rigs 1 ship
Paid Actors
Keep away from Oasa
Disciples of TOTE
Eire Engineers
The Weekend Warriors

Unfortunately, Eire Engineers were forced to forfeit their losers bracket match for fielding an illegal team composition against Lollipops, but we look forward to seeing them return in future tournaments.

The full bracket for this Anger Games can be found at our challonge page, and includes all scheduled match times in UTC (EVE time).

Some Extra Details!

I also have some fun facts and stats that I thought might be interesting! 

Firstly, according to the ever-knowledgeable CCP Swift, Game 17 of the Anger Games: Rebirth (between Ramrod Shenanigans and 2 rigs 1 ship) was the first match in the history of competitive EVE tournaments to be commentated by a pair of female casters. Now, we’re sure such an occasion has happened before, but until CCP Swift is proved wrong, we’re happy to take the record.

Next up, Ramrod Shenanigans are the only team to have violated the arena boundary in this Anger Games iteration, and they have done so in each AG match they have played. Congratulations to both Radakos and CharleyTheChair – you joined the boundary club and received a great AG Discord Role!

We also have a unique process for the Best-of-Five final of this Anger Games. We are banning ships in only the first three matches of the final, and there are some unique rules too – the bans are dictated by the most-banned ships across the entire tournament.

So, I wanted to share our tracking of the most-banned ships with you all…

Our Top Ten Most-Banned Ships So Far:

1. Bhaalgorn
2. Barghest
3. Curse
4. Gila
5. Rattlesnake
6. Sleipnir
7. Etana
8. Vindicator
9. Oneiros
10. Hyperion

To Conclude…

The matches so far have been incredible. We’ve really enjoyed bringing you all this tournament, we’ve loved watching the meta evolve, and we look forward to the surprises our second weekend brings.

You can catch the Anger Games live on the EVE_NT Twitch channel from 18:45 on May 1, 2, 8 and 9, and keep up with us on Twitter too.

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