Anger Games 3: November 11 to 19

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-08-23

The Anger Games returns this fall for its third instalment, running on weekends from November 11 to November 19.  As before, this is an “entry-level” tournament, with a 7v7 format to make it more easily accessible to newer teams.

The Anger Games is expected to be held on the Thunderdome server, and the tournament will be broadcast live again in its entirety on Imperium News by our streaming team, with live commentary on the matches.


Anger Games 3 is a 7v7  double elimination tournament, the rules are based on Alliance Tournament rules, with a few adjustments made for the sake of balance in the 7v7 format.

The main differences from the last Anger Games are:

  • No Strategic Cruisers (T3Cs)
  • Major changes to points for BS, T2 cruisers and other ships
  • T2 light and medium attack drones are now allowed.

These rules are nearly finalized, and at most minor revisions are expected between now and the tournament. You can find the full list of rules here:

Dates and Times

The tournament runs from November 11 – November 19. We’ll try to have teams only run on either Saturday or Sunday on the first weekend, the second Saturday will be the advanced rounds and we’ll do finals on the second Sunday.

Games will take place from 19:00 to 23:00 EVE time on 2 consecutive weekends, with matches held November 11, 12, 18, and 19.  November 19 will be the tournament finals.


Teams need to be registered by 23:59 EVE time on October 22. Contact Sothrasil to sign up for the tournament, via EVE mail or on INN Discord. Teams are encouraged to submit their roster of players as soon as possible after signing up, no changes to rosters will be allowed after November 9.

Once accepted into the tournament, teams will have until 23:59 EVE on November 9 to pay the entry fee of 2.5 Billion ISK per team and finalize their team roster – any players not listed on their team roster at this time as well any teams that have not yet paid their entry fee as of this date will be ineligible to compete.


Anger Games 3 is open to everyone except a few special cases.

  • No Teams with massive AT experience
  • The following alliances will have a hard time convincing the organisers to let them in: NC., PL, CO2

Finally, the organizer, Sothrasil notes “this is supposed to be more of an entry level tournament for everyone. We want a fair and fun environment for all players. I’ll deal harshly with any unsportsmanlike behavior.”


After the success of the last two tournaments, we look forward to seeing the third instalment, and we will update you with the entrants and more information closer to the time.


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