7th Estate Inaugural State of the Coalition


On July 1, the newest coalition in New Eden held its inaugural State of the Coalition (SOTC). The 7th Estate, the coalition founded by Jin’taan in May, sat down for the first time to officially hear what their founder had to say.

7th Estate comprises Red Noise (led by Jin’taan), Synergy of Steel (led by Erzus Fahrtas), Manifesto (led by Piotr Engels), Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY, and Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies.

Jin’taan opens by explaining how the meta is developing at the moment, with PL and Tri moving capitals into Immensea over recent days, to join Skill Urself and Volta. He expects the coming Immensea war to be the biggest war in Eve in some time, possibly “the biggest war since World War Bee.” The coalition will play their part in it, but they will not go against the plan they originally had, and the plan they sold their members on. The war was something leadership were aware of when setting the coalition up, but at the time they saw it as a slim possibility. They did not expect to be playing a part in facilitating the start of the war. From this perspective, Jin’taan says, they have already made their mark.

Their original plan (prior to the war) to have Immensea within a few weeks is now unlikely to happen. Before the conflict started, they had been hard at work entosising their way around systems and constellations, and were getting ready to deploy structures. This has now been put on hold, due to the current numbers from the invaders. They were originally expecting to only be up against Fraternity, and were expecting to beat them. They were fighting FRT, and were winning and taking systems from them without too much trouble. Jin’taan explains that Panfam and the Holy Rental Empire have taken it upon themselves to prop FRT and Winter Coalition up in the wake of the recent botting banwaves. From what they can tell, FRT were among the hardest hit.

This leaves the coalition with a need for space, and the leadership want to make sure that the members have a place to make ISK. If the members make ISK, the coalition makes ISK, so this is important to them. They have multiple offers which they are considering at the moment for krabbing, and as soon as they decide on something, they will let the members know. For now, they should continue ratting in Immensea, but proceed with caution as there is expected to be a large influx into the region in the coming days.

The plan for now is to keep their skirmish fleets in the area, but they want to focus on being the special forces during the war. They will move behind enemy lines, utilising their logistics backbone to do this. They feel they have one of the best logistics teams in the game, and will use that to move into enemy territory with bombers, black ops and other ships for having fun there. They will be sneaky, and small gang focused. They plan to focus on the renting grounds of Panfam and Fraternity, making use of cloaky campers to live on top of them. They have done this in Immensea successfully before, and now will do it in regions that it is harder for their enemies to get to them in. They are not limited, there is nothing keeping them in Immensea, whereas Panfam have just moved their super fleet there. Members are encouraged to start training bombers, blops and recons, readying the new coalition to go fight in an asymmetrical way; they will be annoying people with cloaking camping as much as they can.

Having done his realpolitik speech, Jin moves on to explaining to the members what the coalition is, and what they are fighting for. The coalition is nothing, if not an idea. The idea fuelling the coalition is giving people the room to make their own stories, to step up and become the next big names in Eve Online. He has 3 key principles: The wealth of opportunities, allowing people space to learn new things and improve in Eve Online. The second is a line member focus, he wants to make sure the members are never out of pocket when helping the coalition. The coalition is there to help the members not the other way round. For Jin’taan, the bottom up model is the only way to run an organisation in Eve, and he wants to stick to that. The third principle is to be casual, not bad. They will not be the kind of coalition who do CTA’s three times a day. They will do content on demand, but without being bad players, they will aim for maximum military effectiveness given what they have. This is why they are aiming at rental regions initially.

The SOTC then moved onto a Q&A session. If you want to take a listen to the SOTA, there is a link at the top of the article, and also here.

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  • anaisanais501

    The coalition is there to help the members not the other way round

    A lesson learned whilst FC’ing for Provibloc/CVA I expect.

    July 4, 2018 at 10:37 AM
    • Jin'taan anaisanais501


      July 4, 2018 at 5:34 PM
      • 4o4o69 Jin'taan

        Just wanted to ask how many people you have Jin? Also do you plan on adopting a bit more expensive doctrines gilas, lokis etc.?

        July 8, 2018 at 10:35 PM
    • Carvj94 anaisanais501

      Well I’d say it goes both ways. Not just one way or the other. A membership is a Symbiotic relationship

      July 5, 2018 at 8:13 AM
      • anaisanais501 Carvj94

        Correct, yes.

        July 5, 2018 at 8:32 AM