72-Hour Stream Supports Disabled Gamers

Moomin Amatin 2018-09-29

Header Art by Redline XIII in association with EVEathon

EVEathon kicked off a 72-hour fundraiser on Twitch on September 28 to help those with physical disabilities more easily access video games. Proceeds from this charity stream will benefit “Special Effect, The Gamers Charity.”

“We put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games,” EVEathon tells INN. “By using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, we’re finding a way for people to play to the very best of their abilities. But we’re not just doing it for fun. By leveling the playing field, we’re bringing families and friends together and having a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation.”

As reported on Twitch, “EVEathon is the brainchild of scaredpanda and Rahne Chocolate. The idea behind the event is to get a dozen or so streamers together and put on a continuous 72-hour Eve stream, with all proceeds going to one real-life charity and one in-game. With so many of your favorite streamers involved, there’s something for everyone! EVEathon 2016 raised nearly $7,000 for Spam4Heals – a charity that supports Broadcast4Reps and Best Of Us. EVEathon 2017 raised over $35,000 for AbleGamers charity. This year we are excited to support SpecialEffect, being kicked off by One Special Day.”

The full event schedule can be found here. The event features a lot of giveaways, so if you’re more inclined to receive than to give you still have a reason to turn up and show support. You can also get involved in the stream chat and hang out with the likes of CCP_Guard.

The goal for the 72 hour event is to raise 10k (USD), and to have some fun along the way. Donations can be made here, and the stream can be found here.

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