176B ISK Fiend Down in Black Rise



On February 3 at 20:11 EVE time, EVE Online’s second and most expensive Fiend loss occurred. The ship, belonging to big miker of Zero.Four Ops, was destroyed in the Black Rise system of Aivonen. The Fiend was a heavy interdictor given out as a prize during Alliance Tournament XIII. This 176B ISK AT cruiser was fit with six officer modules, as well as a mixture of faction and DED mods.

The first Fiend to fall belonged to Judas II oF Decayed Orbit, and was destroyed by the titan-hunter group REKKINGCREW. His AT HIC was worth 155B ISK and was also fit with officer, deadspace, and faction mods.


Pilots from Separatists, 404 Hole Not Found, Honorable Third Party, and THE R0NIN killed the Fiend with a few Vexor Navy Issues and a Covert/BLOPs fleet. Something interesting to note is that one of the ships on the Fiend kill is also an AT cruiser. Casper24 of Wilderness was flying his Moracha during the engagement. The Moracha was the grand prize for Alliance Tournament XI.


Big miker explained what happened to his ship on a post on Reddit:

“So what happened: Decided to fly the Fiend back to high-sec, figuring out when / where to fly it again. Set destination through a few low-sec systems on purpose. Met 2 VNI’s on the way and decided to engage them. I used both a Malediction / Tengu scout and it all seemed clear. VNI’s had long point and I thought it was a good idea staying at about 20km from them until the Rapier uncloaked. Webbed, warp jammed and cyno went up. Definitely wanted to make a pvp video with this ship. I hereby also apologize to Galvanized for losing this ship before making a video.”

Since the release of the Fiend, very few pilots in EVE have actually used it. According to zkillboard.com, of the top ten pilots to use the AT HIC, big miker sits in sixth place, with twenty kills in the ship. This includes single-handedly killing a fleet of Merlins. His active use of the coveted ship account for nearly 3% of all kills in which the Fiend was involved. With two Fiends down since December 31, there are only forty-eight left. Who will be next?

TMC is reaching out to the pilots involved with the killmail and will update with comments and video as they become available.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Lemba.

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