ZKillboard is arguably the most popular killboard website, pulling data from the CREST API, and also relying on individuals to submit their own APIs. The result is the most complete database kills and losses taking place all over New Eden.

However, as this reddit post explains, “CREST isn’t always reliable on prices until the market settles a bit.” Normally the developer of ZKB would adjust the prices manually to what they are in reality, but since he was away for the weekend, he was unable to do so.

The items in question are the new SKINs from the Guristas Hunt event, more specifically the Moa Guristas SKIN (Permanent) which drops fairly commonly and sells for around 4 million ISK at the time of writing. Due to the aforementioned CREST market stabilisation issue, that skin is currently being valued around 600 million ISK on ZKB, but only a couple of days ago (at the time of writing) it was being valued at around 2 BILLION ISK. This lead to the developer creating a competition of who could create the most expensive noobship kill, with the winner receiving 2 billion ISK. With this in mind, people have taken advantage of the over-valuation to pad their killboards for a brief time, or to enter the contest, which has led to some hilarious comedy kills such as this 163 billion ISK Impairor, this 104 billion ISK Velator and this 92 billion ISK Impairor.

ZKillboard is one of the most respected killboards, but for the last few days proper kills have been pushed to second place, with only this 126 billion ISK injector-tanked Mammoth not including the Moa skin. Let’s hope it goes back to normal soon, but until then, have fun and fly safe!

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