Wormhole Brawl of the Week #3


Art by Redlline XIII

This week was a moderately eventful one in wormhole space. The week started with a decent-sized brawl between Lazerhawks (LZHX) and No Vacancies (NVACA). Also, Of Sound Mind (SOUND) did a small eviction resulting in a fair amount of ship kills. Mouth Trumpet Cavalry (MCAV) killed a few caps in a small fight and The New Jovian Collective (JOVCO) along with Hard Knocks (HKRAB) fought Wrong Hole. (4BOB) for a bloody 65 vs 50 brawl.  

The Fights

First, Lazerhawks and No Vacancies came in contact with each other down chain, and after Lazerhawks asked for a fight, both sides formed a large-sized heavy armor fleet, and proceeded to fight each other. Lazerhawks formed two phoenixes and a fax, while No Vacancies formed a nag along with a fax. The fight ended up with both sides losing their dreads, and No Vacancies coming out on top by a slim margin. Lazerhawks lost 10 ships totaling  about 10.8 billion ISK while No Vacancies lost nine ships totaling about 9.6 billion ISK.

Next, Of Sound Mind evicted the small corp known as Black-Tide (BURN-), killing multiple structures totaling almost 12 billion ISK, along with the ships inside. The total amount of loot dropped is unknown because most of it does come up on killboards, but check out the system information here

Then, Mouth Trumpet Cavalry tackled a few capitals in the system of J144838, and had an engagement with the citadel and capitals on field. All capitals were lost, resulting in a total of about 9 billion killed.

Finallly, Hard Knocks and the New Jovian Collective fought Chain Smoking (SNSMK) and Wrong Hole. (4BOB) in the system of J103731 in a bloody 65 vs 50 battle. Most of the ships where cheap T1 ships with very little bling, but the sheer amount lost (27+ on each side) made the fight as expensive as it was. Team A lost 27 ships totalling  about 6.7 billion ISK, while team B lost 29 ships totalling about 8.3 billion ISK, making Hard Knocks and New Jovian Collective the winners of the fight.

Wormhole Effects

At this point I want to touch on wormhole effects. There are seven types of wormhole effects, all with a very different boost,which in turn changes the doctrines and tactics involved when it comes to fighting in them. What is cool about wormhole systems visually is that systems with effects have 2-3 large celestials (stars or black holes) so that systems look very different than K-Space.

Pulsar is the shield boost system. It’s good for large shield ships, and its very bad for small armor ships. These are the effects:

Black Holes are favored by the speed or missile junky. They provide a massive boost to missile damage and velocity, along with a massive boost to speed, so they are good for long range engagements. These are the effects:

Cataclysmic Variables are great logistics holes, but makes self repping practically impossible. These are terrible for dreadnoughts and faxes, but are good if you have a dedicated logi wing. These are the effects:

Magnetars are good ratting holes. Sites in C5 and C6 space take about half the time due to the massive damage bonus, but the damage application is extremely reduced. These are the effects:

Red Giants are good for bombs and overheating, but otherwise, they do not have much use. These are the effects:

Wolf Rayets are the opposite of pulsars. Instead of large shield ships, it is good for small armor ships. Like the pulsar, it boost HP and makes the opposite resist bad.

All systems get more powerful effects the higher class you go. At C6 you get the best effects, and with C1 it is hard to tell much difference from regular space.

There are also vanilla systems. These are like most other systems in EVE: no boost or nerfs.  

Next week I will touch on the pros and cons of different classes of systems, along with the pros and cons of certain statics. Thanks for reading. See you next time!


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