“Nothing survives its touch, nothing escapes its grasp. It is a weapon of unspeakable power and unmatched devastation – a horror from a bygone age.”


The Imperium at hellwar will not offer you riches, idle pleasures and privilege; we offer only sacrifice, struggle, war, vengeance, and the screams of rage and frustration from our foes as they face us invigorated and unbowed.

Each day the Band of Backstabbers shout at us, condemning us, using every in-game and out-of-game method their transparently hypocritical leaders can vomit forth, and each day the armor of our contempt grows stronger. Character is revealed under pressure, and the character of our foes has proven yet again to be wretched, conniving, treacherous and shallow. As we embark upon a years-long campaign of justice, our enemies beat their fists on the ground like spoiled toddlers, their tantrums increasing as the horrifying reality of what they have awoken within us pierces the veil of their delusions. Our ancient Great Warriors have risen from their long slumber and once more demand retribution for S-U8A4.

Hellwar is a path for only the most dedicated and motivated. We should not look down on those among our allies who are not excited by the prospect of years of struggle, hardship and vengeance; until now the Imperium has only known mere bloc wars – though across the coalition there number thousands of veterans of the last hellwar, which ended seven years ago. We have our own summer children who have never known a world where we did not have absolute military superiority, those raised after B-R5; it is up to us to harden them now, just the crucible of Syndicate did for us in 2006.

Our enemies have declared that ‘there are no goons’; then as now there will be no quarter, no diplomacy, no negotiation – they will all burn.


“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

The attempts to sow division across the Imperium by leaking edited versions of Illuminati logs have backfired, exposing our plans of creating a number of mega-alliances. Developed in secret and tested with the Section 8 project, we kept this plan hidden for fear that it would be poorly received unless the need was great. Through their edited leaks, the foe attempted to show that we somehow ‘hate our allies’, yet leaked the truth instead: that we care so much for our allies that we would welcome them into our own alliance to defend and protect them. Instead of outrage, our people rallied to the project enthusiastically, with Atrum aptly naming it “Goonhammer 40,000” – a proudly raised middle finger to anyone attempting to sunder our coalition or nerf us into oblivion. See the proof of their fear: this is unquestionably the correct path.

Some of our allies may need to depart the hellwar for greener pastures, yet many corporations in those departing allies will hunger for justice. All who wish to struggle and sacrifice in our quest for righteous vengeance are welcome in Goonswarm. This war will be long, cold and brutal, so do not apply lightly. This is not for corporations in Imperium alliances which are staying at the front line: they will do as they please, and form their own mega-alliances should they so choose.


“While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no peace.”

The enemy’s attempt at a ‘shock and awe’ campaign has failed. Their attempt to destroy our supercapital fleet using C02’s treachery has failed. Their attempt at making an attempt at an empty VFK the ‘largest battle in the history of Eve‘ has failed. Their weekend restaging to Pure Blind and grand victory parade of supercapitals has accomplished nothing. They are left with confusion and frustration, venting their spleens on r/eve, screeching in rage and thwarted entitlement because they were not gifted the content they demanded from us on a gilded platter; worse, they received no trophies or gold stars for self-esteem. To go to war with us they will have to do /work/, and that means a lot more than doomsdaying the odd solo carrier on an undock.

Meanwhile, the Pastebin Papers have revealed the infighting and thin skins among the enemy’s command. The many insults about UAxDeath saw XIX reset the “Dronewalkers”, who had been part of the attacking coalition. The truth of C02’s many documented betrayals and lack of funding has seen the Imperium focus its rage upon these traitors, with C02 territory under increased pressure – and now, due to the Sovwoxing program, ‘innocent’ Pandemic Horde pilots are being treated with suspicion and mistrust whenever they venture into the territory of their allies. Would-be vultures who have come to help our foe under the false flag of ‘good fights’ have turned up less and less as they come to the conclusion that fighting in a hellwar against the Imperium is anything but fun for them – war is cruel, cruel enough to deploy Xenuria himself to TEST’s staging.

Our vulnerability windows remain set at 7:00 EVE, the Ghost-time. On weekends our foes bang pots and pans and attempt to push on our territory, yet on weekdays our Space Ghosts have done a remarkable job of holding the line against incredible odds, and are now an official squad with their own custom doctrine geared for Ghost-time. White Legion continues on contract with us, and you can chart their progress on zkillboard.



~”there are no oldschool goons”~


“An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.”

To understand the War of Sovless Aggression, first we must understand the differences between Dominion and Fizzlesov.

The Mittani, on 07 Apr 2016 – 3:48 PM, said:

Fozziesov is like a game of cosmic whack-a-mole played by meth-addled spastics rather than the pseudo-Risk of Dominon where conquest is absolute and nearly permanent. The actual whacking of sov and retaking it is lightning fast compared to the old days, but also meaningless: one must actually occupy the sov at the end of the day and live there by setting down ihubs, upgrading the same, and PvEing like crazy to raise ADM defenses.

The reason the war cannot be lost is that the largest permanent occupying force – the Imperium Saranen group – cannot be headshot or removed from occupying the closely-held zones within its power projection radius. (Dek/Fade/PB/Trib/CR/Syndicate/near Lowsec) It is to our advantage to drag the war out as long as possible to drain the coffers of the individual funding this war so this nonsense never happens again.

The dumbest thing about Fozziesov is that, if you are an occupier with mass and you aren’t a bunch of sadists like we are, “go play another game for a few weeks then return and out-occupy” may be the single most effective defensive strategy – maximum burnout for the attacker, zilch defender effort, etc.  We can quite literally vulnfuck them, let them capture everything, they declare victory, and we have everything back under our control inside of a month because the enemy doesn’t have the numbers to out-occupy and out-settle us, regardless of how furiously they play cosmic whack-a-mole.

That’s not the plan – the plan is to make enemy suffer as players, break their will and ruin their experience, which means actively making their game as unfun and unspectacular as possible, while maximizing our entertainment at their expense, culling our weak, and sowing the Goonfear. A defensive war is the best time to find out who your real friends are while simultaneously teaching our own summer children the ways of war, cruelty and spite. After the reconquista we then take this hardened, angry mob of space-assholes and spend the next few years wreaking havoc, just as we did between 2006 and 2009.

More reasons why Fizzlesov is whack-a-mole: Anyone can attack a system but only the defender can counter-hack nodes. For a coalition with smaller partners than Goonswarm, it may be literally easier to ‘defend’ a system by letting it fall and then becoming the ‘attackers’ in return. For example, TNT sov defense requires that only TNT can hack nodes in a TNT system to defend, while all the shitlords in the galaxy can hack nodes for offense. This puts a tremendous burden on TNT (or SMA, etc), while once the system falls to NCdot, we all can ‘attack’ it and only NCdot can ‘defend’.

Note that because CCP has keyed the system to the API, there is perfect information (no scouting needed, no room for human error) across the whole galaxy of every sov contest, which is a tremendous advantage for the attacking side, who can be anyone. Defenders are the only people who can hack their nodes in defense and cannot hide or metagame their timers from an everyone-is-invited attacking dogpile. Dominion at least had a substantial recon meta, that’s all gone.

If this reality doesn’t make your head spin from the sheer stupidity of it, note that the timescales of Fozziesov are comically compressed: a station can go from owned to freeported in 48 hours, then ‘captured’ in another 48, while and hubs and TCUs trade hands every 48 hours. This means that the biggest single risk to the Imperium in adjusting to Fizzlesov on the defense is the expectation that the system is like Dominion in any way, and we’re pretty much past that besides a little more communication and education.

For the newbies, Dominion was a mess because it was a single point, single grid combat contest where the winner takes and holds all. This saw the rise of bloc-level Apex Forces until the Ragnarok of BR-5, where our Apex Force and PL/NCdot’s Apex Force split the galaxy in two. In Dominion any sov loss was terrifying because it meant that you couldn’t match the enemy on that single point, single grid combat, and thus literally nothing could stop them from taking all your shit and holding it forever, until you could beat them at that single point. Phoebe and Fizzlesov were introduced to nerf the hell out of this, thus the whack-a-mole, the rapidity of granular gains and losses, splitting the sov system into three structures independent of one another (TCU, Hub, Station), etc.

And that, boys and girls, is why no major bloc powers stage in conquerable nullsec stations anymore, and why we moved to Saranenneneenn months ago, too~


“We are weapons. There is the Emperor, and there is war. Nothing more.”

The War of Sovless Aggression continues, yet some of our foes – the first to perish, the most deserving, the most traitorous and least trusted – have territory within close range of our righteous fury in Tribute. Our first target is C02; they will suffer and they will burn, and none in the galaxy will be sad to see their humiliation, not even their new ‘friends’.


~credit to breaky~

Next to C02 is ‘Mercenary Coalition’, an organization based on stolen valor, wearing the name of MC like a child’s paper mask. The Pastebin Papers reveal that their leader is both proud and hungry for acclaim despite that stolen valor, and seems to think that in Fizzlesov he can defend western Tribute against our wrath with only 480 characters in his alliance. When we are not making the traitors in C02 pay the price of their perfidy, we will be teaching “MC” to enjoy defensive hacking against force of the Goonhammer and our allies.

As the vulnerability windows shift from EU to US, we turn our attention to Fade and Pure Blind; any territory our enemies have taken is comically vulnerable to both direct attack and sovwoxing. At last, in Ghosttime, we defend.

Our strategy of defensive warfare – to delay, deny, and destroy – continues to bog down the foe as we consolidate our forces in Saranen and forge the dread Goonhammer. Our foes have squandered their initiative, too busy declaring their victory to any who will listen and already bickering amongst themselves.

“Victory does not always rest with the big guns: but, if we rest in front of them, we shall be lost.”


(Editor’s Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. This is a GSF CEO Update from The Mittani.)

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