The Imperium tries to steal Brave’s Halloween Candy

Moomin Amatin 2018-11-02

Art by Redline XIII

At 20:00 on 2018-10-31 beloved FC of the Imperium, DaBigRedBoat, had a little surprise for the Imperium News Network Twitch channel.

Boat continues his journey to emulate the elite PvP of such great entities as Mordus Angels and Circle of Two. Boat’s determination for such a quest meant that he had skipped the elite Cormorant doctrine favoured by MoA and MC as well as the Ruptures that used to be fielded so often by Co2. Boat was going to use a carrier. As we all know, carriers in Eve are among the hull types that desperately need to be buffed. But to demonstrate his PvP prowess, Boat was going to use an Archon.

This story starts back in the system of 1DQ, the home system of the Imperium, in the region of Delve. A call went out for a super serious fleet to be formed to strike at the heart of the enemies of the Imperium. Boat would lead a merry band into the system of GE-8, the capital of Brave.

In short order the fleet had assembled and was soon underway. The 30 jumps or so journey soon passed accompanied by Boat’s witty banter.

Once in the target system of GE-8 Boat’s fleet of fine warriors setup up a gatecamp. This meant that hot pockets could be prepared to celebrate the victory that was sure to come given such a bold strategy. It also allowed for a ratting Brave Rattlesnake to be captured and executed in short order, yet again proving that ratting in a main staging system is normally a poor choice.

After a short time members of Test started to arrive – initially scouts, but soon followed by interdictors. This was a sure sign that pieces were being moved into place by Legacy Coalition.

Brave dreads came into the gatecamp first; surely this would prove to be an easy win for Brave. But then a cyno from the Imperium was lit and the rest of the Imperium forces jumped into the system. Backup forces from the Imperium contained a mixture of carries and dreads, but in an act of hubris The Imperium did not bring any Force Auxiliaries with which to repair their own DPS platforms. Notably there was also an Erebus being fielded by the Imperium.

Legacy Coalition then proceeded to counter drop and brought in their own capital forces. With both sides committed to the fight, the slaughter began.

Here is a scan of what was on grid and in local. I should confess that this was taken only after most of the Imperium forces were already dead.

Carla Lasword in a Naglfar from Brave was very close to dying. At just 3% structure the DPS from the Imperium had been made ineffective. Boat called out in local for any remaining loyal members of the Imperium to shoot Carla’s Naglfar. These cries went unanswered as the spies from the Imperium are very well trained and maintained their cover.

A somewhat broken battle report can be seen here. Just move Brave to the left and you should have a better picture of the result of battle. The result was a 207 billion ISK loss for The Imperium versus 32 billion lost by Legacy Coalition.

Some are saying that this was a serious assault by the Imperium on the homelands of Legacy Coalition. Others are trying to take credit for this loss for the Imperium. But these are hollow claims from failed minor diplomats and supposed spy masters. As usual there is nothing but their “own logs” to support such claims. We have seen this type of thing time and time again and only a few fall for such transparent lies.

The Imperium seem to be making the claim that this was just a bit of fun for a member of the Imperium who was looking to leave the game. But this must surely be nonsense as we all know that Eve is the Hotel California of online gaming – you never really leave. The source of this claim can be seen here.

A video of the fight has been uploaded to Youtube

You can watch the whole fight here and make your own judgments. Alternatively I can leave you with this fine comment from Legacy Coalition member Icetea Lemon:

“tl dr boat baited with an archo, brave dropped dreads, goons counterdropped suicide caps, test escalated”.


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  • Guilford Australis

    I thought about joining this fleet… for about three seconds. Then I pictured an after action report like this one, and I asked myself, “Self, do you want to trade one of the capitals you brought home from the war in the north for one or two cheap Dreadnought killmails?” And I could not say that I did.

    Although I personally don’t get my jollies from suiciding capitals, the other fleets I’ve flown with Boat have been some of the craziest fun I’ve had in EVE.

    November 2, 2018 at 7:03 PM
    • Moomin Amatin Guilford Australis

      You should have come along. Boat did not even want to leave 1DQ until we had at least one drake. Anything would have been fine.

      November 3, 2018 at 3:05 AM