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VR Level Up – Inverse Kinematics

Turk Fezzik 2017-08-20

Kinematics is the study of bodies in motion irrespective of mass and forces acting upon a rigid body. Forward kinematics equations compute the position of the end of a jointed system given information about the position of the joints. Inverse…

2 EVE Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie Review and Guide

Turk Fezzik 2016-11-23

How do you destroy an immortal foe? Fatal—leader of Guristas pirates—is stealing the consciousness of fighter pilots at the point of their death. He is using their skill and tactical knowledge to amass an immortal army. Rán was one of…

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Virtual Reality: Where We Are Now

Turk Fezzik 2016-10-20

October saw several releases and product announcements for virtual reality making up for the lackluster summer. CCP Games announced the sequel to their chart-topping shooter Gunjack and they shipped EVE: Valkyrie for PS4, Sony released the PlayStation VR headset, Oculus…

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EVE: Gunjack and Valkyrie on HTC Vive

TMC Archives 2016-04-06

Today CCP Games released EVE: Gunjack on Steam with HTC Vive support for $9.99. Gunjack was previously reported to receive Vive support “later this year,” which in CCP terms apparently means three weeks. CCP also announced today that EVE: Valkyrie…

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Submission 2016-03-16

The top-selling title for the Samsung Gear VR platform is coming to PC on March 28. EVE: Gunjack launched for Gear VR in November 2015 and has remained the top VR title on the platform ever since. When the first…