Tranquility Trading Consortium

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Snuff Bluffs

Gwailar 2021-02-27

After destroying the Tranquility Trading Consortium’s (TTC) lowsec holdings in Ignoitton last week, lowsec power Snuffed Out (Snuff) announced its intention to mount a similar attack on TTC’s primary holdings, situated in the highsec system of Perimeter. Snuff’s sabre rattling…

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PSA: Ignoitton TTC Complex Under Attack, Destruction Likely

Dirk Stetille 2021-02-18

At approximately 1900 EVE on February 17, the Tranquility Trading Consortium complex in Ignoitton was assaulted by a force of Snuffed Out titans. The Keepstar, Sotiyo and Tatara are all currently reinforced, with second reinforcement times of 1702, 2012, and…

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Perimeter Keepstar Attack: An Evolution of Playstyle

Robert Miller 2020-08-08

The Perimeter Keepstar will be attacked at 19:00 UTC on August 10. The attackers will primarily fly T1 Destroyers, with plans to reship when necessary from a stash of 20,000 ships kept nearby. The Keepstar in question was anchored in…