The Imperium Tournament

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Back by popular demand; The Anger Games II

Moomin Amatin 2017-03-05

After the extremely successful inaugural Imperium Tournament we are very pleased to announce that there will be another one. It would be a lie to say that The Imperium are no strangers to such tournaments. We have virtually no history…

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Behind the Scenes of the Imperium Tournament

Stephanie Daugherty 2016-12-15

The first Imperium Tournament concluded Sunday, with Reavers beating Space Violence in 750% reverse-tidi overtime for the title. This was the first time anyone in the Imperium had made a real effort to organize a tournament, and it was very…

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Reavers Triumphant Over Space Violence in The Imperium Tournament Finals

Londala Pox 2016-12-12

Ships fly and ships die in EVE, and that’s exactly what happened this weekend during The Imperium Tournament. In our very first installment, Asher Elias and his Reavers took home top honors as they cracked the tough armored nut of…

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Bread and circuses: The Imperium Tournament

Quendan 2016-12-10

Tournaments. Ever since CCP began promoting the e-sports side of the game with its first official tournament in 2005, various player run tournaments have sprung into life. Where the alliance tournaments serve as the soccer world cup of EVE Online, where…

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The Imperium Tournament 12/10 & 12/11 1845-2300 EVE on INN Twitch

Rhivre 2016-12-09

This weekend, the Imperium will be holding the inaugural coalition tournament.  Running from 1845-2300 on Saturday and Sunday, and streamed on the Imperium News twitch channel, this will bring together pilots from across Eve to battle it out on CCPs…