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The Most Destructive Misconception in EVE Online

Lucas Spellmeyer 2020-12-26

As the impact of the latest major conflict in New Eden ripples out into the wider gaming community, many new players will inevitably be inspired to get involved in the great space opera that is EVE Online. The last time…

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Salvaging My Way to Riches

Major Sniper 2020-07-22

As a new bro I’d heard my corp mates tell me that I could make more ISK if I salvaged, but I thought that’d be a waste of time. I was really looking for a corp that would help me…

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Brave Collective Faces Further Internal Drama

TMC Archives 2015-06-24

Brave Newbies, the new player friendly organization that prides itself in allowing people who’ve just begun playing EVE to experience Nullsec life, has been facing something of an internal crisis as of late. Miscommunication and poor decision making has, over…