8 Eve Online

The Machariel’s Guide to Taking Over the Meta

Robby Kasparic 2017-12-25

No battleship in EVE rides as high as the Machariel as we head into 2018. From disastrous solo attempts to the go-to backbone of most Alliance doctrine lists, it certainly is a ship to be reckoned with.  With the recent…

9 Eve Online

Meta Mechanics: Stealth Bombers

Romulus Loches 2017-03-12

Each of the main factions have two variations of Covert Ops Frigates; Stealth Bombers and Scanners. Both of these ships are designed to take advantage of a covert cloak which allows you to warp while remaining cloaked. Even though they…

14 Eve Online

Meta Mechanics: The Interceptor

Romulus Loches 2017-02-26

In EVE, every class of ships is designed to fulfill a specific role above all others. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do things with a ship that it wasn’t originally designed for, just that it requires a bit more…

0 Eve Online

RAZOR’S EDGE: The Meta Goes to Eleven

David Matterall 2016-03-18

“For my money, the Ubiqua Seraph infiltration was an act of despicable brilliance. An operation as cruel as it is astonishing, it serves as a simultaneous testament to both the virtues and the evils of a truly open-ended massively multiplayer…