Market Trading

5 Eve Online


Art Vandolay 2019-11-09

The months proceeding my transition into a Regional Arbitrage Trader saw my profits soar and my time spent at the market plummet. My success was consistent sustainable, fending off traders-bane: Burnout. My diversification strategy worked perfectly, I didn’t win every…

0 Eve Online

Life and Times of a Space Trader (Part Three)

Art Vandolay 2019-11-06

Sitting in front of the Market Interface updating orders every five minutes is not fun.  It is profitable and maximum ISK/Hour but leads to quick burnout and abysmal Fun/Hour. I came back to Eve with a vengeance to not only…

2 Eve Online

Life and Times of a Space Trader (Part Two)

Art Vandolay 2019-11-02

In part one I briefly outlined my origins, of which every point would define and guide my future choices in Eve, even to this day, 12 years later.  Further defining was the discovery that unfun game activities put you on…

1 Eve Online

Life and Times of a Space Trader (Part One)

Art Vandolay 2019-10-29

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a five-part series. Part five will delve into the mechanics of market trading for those who are interested in winning Eve at someone else’s expense. Mining, Mistakes, and the Eve Way After 12…