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DevBlog – Paci and Enforcer Buff by the WHPD Chief

Elthar Nox 2021-07-13

As the Pacifier and Enforcer get a buff, INN passed the reins over to Vinnegar Douche, Chief of The Wormhole Police to bring you the good news. Dear Dirtbags, It’s me, Vinne. Now, I’m sure many of you dirty crooks…

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Fort Knocks Destroyed–Continuing Battle Coverage and Opinion

General Thade 2018-12-13

On 12/09/2018, Hard Knocks and The Initiative, along with their allies, participated in one of the largest wormhole battles ever fought in EVE Online. Hard Knocks came under attack by Imperium forces and the Imperium-lead Initiative set their eyes on…

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Wormhole Brawl of the Week #1

General Thade 2018-11-16

Welcome to my new series. Throughout this multiple-week series my goal is to give readers a look into what fights and engagements look like in wormhole space, which is largely ignored by the rest of EVE Online players.  In wormhole…

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Invisible Monsters – A Glimpse into the Mysterious Denizens of Wormhole Space

Shokalokaboom 2018-08-14

One of the most enigmatic areas of space in Eve Online technically doesn’t even exist in New Eden at all: the Anoikis Galaxy. This is Wormhole Space, known as “J-Space” to the locals.  The term comes from the names of…