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World of Warships: How to Torpedo

TMC Archives 2016-01-04

One of the most interesting parts of World of Warships is its destroyer-class vessels, and their use as torpedo-launching, death-dealing machines. Success in destroyers is tied to their player’s situational awareness, ability to maneuver, and think strategically. While all games…

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How To Min/Max Your Coffee

TMC Archives 2015-12-09

Space nerds love caffeine. The original source of this wondrous drug is coffee – or more specifically, the two varieties of the plant which are widely cultivated. Not everyone drinks coffee, but those that do often find it hard to…

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Submission 2014-09-28

Today, we bring you the words of Dan Penfound, server host extraordinaire, to share his universe creation insights. With Dan’s help, you’re about to dig into the nuts and bolts of forming a star system. Unfortunately, there’s no way to summarize…