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BattleTech: Yes, It’s That Good

Arrendis 2018-05-09

“GOD DAMN IT. YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU JUST…. Holy fuck, I wish I’d never heard of Jansen’s Hold!” Right now, some of you are expecting some kind of dive into lore and…

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BATTLETECH ON PC: Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Announce Partnership

Arrendis 2017-05-13

On May 12, Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive announced that they will be teaming up to bring Battletech to the PC. The initial word came in an email sent out to backers of HBS’ previously-reported Battletech Kickstarter, and was confirmed by Paradox…

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BattleTech Game Funded

TMC Archives 2015-09-30

If you or someone you know is afflicted with an irrationally strong love of large bipedal robots, turn-based strategy video games, and crowdfunding, Harebrained Schemes has the cure: a brand new kickstarter for a future BattleTech Game. Adhering to the…