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How much does New Eden actually know about Earth?

Vulxanis Viceroy 2018-04-18

A friend of mine poked me on discord soon after they saw my article about how Earth fits into EVE’s lore as a whole, and they asked me a question that I hadn’t really considered in all that much depth:…

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A trip down memory lane

Weynard 2018-02-19

With Triumvirate announcing their withdrawal from the Insmother region and their tenacity as an underdog fighting the mighty DRF being lauded, something tickled the back of my mind. The recent engagements in Insmother seem peculiar in the sense that, as…

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EVE Lore: Where does Earth fit in?

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-09-10

Recently, I got a message from a newer player who was very interested in EVE’s lore. One of the questions that came up had to do with the various timelines of New Eden, and it got me thinking of where…

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Historical Ties: Mahan and EVE

TMC Archives 2016-06-14

Introduction In 1890, a United States Navy officer named Alfred Thayer Mahan published The Influence of Sea Power Upon History: 1660–1783. The book outlined Mahan’s theories on the Navy’s place in military strategy and how dominance of the seas would…

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EVE is one **** of a drug. And you’re probably addicted.

Submission 2015-12-29

There is a certain high to this game. A high that is no different from other sorts of highs you might experience in the world. Pot, pills, gambling whatever it is then you know that feeling. That rush. Then there’s the inverse….