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Move Ops Lose Five Titans

mistwarden 2021-01-02

Move ops in various regions went sideways today when a total of five Siberian Squads, TEST, and Fraternity titans were intercepted on their way to the M2-XFE Keepstar final timer fight. There were no survivors. In addition, a TEST Anshar…

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Pandemic Legion Dunks Unsupported Black Legion Capitals. Again.

TMC Archives 2015-05-31

In Outer Ring on May 30 at roughly 02:30 EVE time in GA-2V7, Pandemic Legion (PL) Ishtars engaged unsupported Black Legion. (BL) dreadnoughts who were reinforcing a Dysprosium moon mining POS owned by Trauma Ward. PL successfully killed three BL dreadnoughts totaling 9.67 billion…