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TessAshpool 2016-08-02

ONE PRIZE POOL TO RULE THEM ALL It’s that time again: The annual “wait, how much do e-sports pay these days?” tournament.  DOTA2’s The International 2016 will take place from August 3-13 with a total prize pool of $19.3 million…

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Dota 2: A History Lesson

Submission 2013-07-15

Ah, the wonderful history of Dota. This is an article that I’ve had a number of people request from me, and one that I was dreading to write. “Why, my humble writer,” I hear you ask, “what could possibly be…

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Dota 2: Dynamic Duos

TMC Archives 2013-06-22

Like many of you, there are times when I queue with a friend with the intention to lane together. However, with 100+ heroes to choose from and a limited time to decide, it can sometimes be a chore to pick…