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Extended Downtime May 8th

Calyle Morrison 2020-05-07

CCP Dopamine announced an extended downtime for May 8 in his latest forum post.┬áThe extension is expected to last up to four hours. Dopamine stated that this was necessary for “implementing some upgrades to further harden the cluster against attack”…

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Two Days of DDoS

Robert Miller 2020-01-29

Two days of DDoS attacks against CCP’s live server continues with no resolution in sight. As a result, connecting to EVE has become a distinct challenge. This latest attack follows two others last year, one in April and one in…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

19: Hacking New Eden

TMC Archives 2009-07-06

Beyond the bleeding edge of the metagame, in the whispered realms of myth, supposition and paranoia, exist the wizards of EVE: the hackers. Not a day passes in New Eden without some foul event being credited to their misdeeds. Depending…