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PSA: 30 days left before XML API and CREST are removed

Rhivre 2018-04-09

CCP today released a developer update on ESI reminding people that the XML API and CREST will be turned off on May 8.  This means that all third-party tools which have not yet switched over to ESI will need to do so…

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Shutdown Date for XML and CREST APIs Set as ESI Reaches Feature Parity

Robby Kasparic 2018-01-03

On January 3, Team Tech Co posted the latest update on the development of EVE Online’s API system. As announced way back on November 11, 2016, Team Tech Co is moving to transition the API offered for EVE from the…

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The Eve API Gains Some Swagger

Turk Fezzik 2016-11-10

CCP Games recently released an official mobile application for Eve Online. One of the concerns with CCP creating their own application was that they would use a private API and leave their existing third-party developers out in the cold. CCP…

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Eve Online Gets Writable CREST API

TMC Archives 2015-11-12

The first writable CREST API is live on the main EVE Online Tranquility server. This new API allows you to update your saved fittings from a third party application. The most obvious use is for the dissemination of alliance and corporate…