Assault Frigates

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Assault Damage Control: The Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Saphira Hawk 2020-01-27

After the rework of Assault Frigates in early 2018, which introduced the Assault Damage Control (ADC), they have been dominating the meta in both fleet and solo PvP. After years of Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers being mostly used…

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The Hare and the Tortoise: Downfall of Combat Interceptors

Saphira Hawk 2019-11-18

For a long long time, CCP has slowly rebalanced different ship classes to make them more popular, in most cases making them faster than their previous iterations. To some extent this was to make the game feel faster and more…

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Assault Frigate Changes Coming in February

Robby Kasparic 2018-01-30

First hinted at during EVE Vegas 2017, we finally have our first peek at some upcoming changes to a very underutilized group of ships. Outside of a couple well-known examples, both Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers have languished a…