State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad September 2017 Edition

Havish Montak 2017-10-12

State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad September 2017 Edition

How has the September gone?

September, for all intents and purposes, has been a quieter month, fewer fleets were taken from Delve under the Welp Squad banner. To counter this we have increased harassment of Pandemic Horde from X-7OMU using smaller gangs and taking a larger proportion of Welp Squad only fleets. But why have we had to do this?

The answer is simple; the occupants of Branch, Deklein, Fade and Pure Blind are docking up and sitting on their hands whenever the Welp Squad is about. Welp Squad is literally able to walk through enemy territory unopposed and shut down all ratting and mining for periods of 2-3 hours without repercussions. The enemy has tried to respond to our destroyer fleets with force and failed. Supers and Titans have to extract as the Imperium can spin up combat fleets of 250 members in record time to respond to tackles 4-5 regions away. Knowing this, Welp Squad has even been building Roach Motels within hostile space to a limited effect.

Needless to say, Welp Squad is more active than ever running smaller fleets. Take a look at Clavo’s killboard. As the enemy has adapted from an active defense to not undocking in anything larger than a battlecruiser, Welp Squad has returned to small gang warfare, the crucible from which the squad was born, and so the cycle has come full circle.

Other action by the Imperium

There was extensive action seen against The Culture during September and this has meant that some of the Welp FCs have been doing the work of the Imperium. Sovereignty in Fountain was taken under the ever watchful eyes of Arenthor and Havish alongside many other non-Welp affiliated Imperium FCs. The destruction of the Darwin Fortizar in Vezila was commenced and finished due to Havish spoiling for a fight.

State of the Welp Squad

Although a shorter article this month Welp Squad will resume normal carnage levels presently. Welp Squad has dealt and still is dealing hurt across New Eden. October has already started off well and the moon mining changes are eagerly anticipated. When the moon mining changes occur, wormhole information and refinery intel will be critical to delivering the most effective slaughter of miners and defense forces alike. For current content, it is worth placing a jump clone in X-7OMU and more fleets will begin to depart from 1DQ1-A as a fresh wave of hunters and FCs step into the breach.

On a more personal note, I will be attending Eve Dublin and Evesterdam and hope to meet the squad in real life.

Thanks for reading

Havish “H” Montak over and out.



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