State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad October 2017 Edition

Havish Montak 2017-11-12

October Action

The month of October has been eventful. Having kicked off the month with Strat Ops Welp Squad got back into the swing of things. The harassment of Test proved reasonably successful with a couple of orca and carrier kills but nothing of significant value. Havish’s highlight of the month was the combined effort of the Imperium striking down a Rorqual in 85-B52 in Deklein. The initial tackle was acquired by bumping a Rorqual off the undock whilst aggressed. Help from within the Imperium was requested as the 70-man Kestrel and Talwar fleet cannot break a Rorqual. The reinforcements included Space Violence Lokis and some privately own capitals. The capital neuts made the difference and for the princely sum of 0 isk in losses, a minokawa and rorqual were added to the killboards.

Welp Squad Lite fleets have been pummelling PH in Pure Blind and Fade. The 10 man gangs have even cleansed carriers on Fortizar undocks. The death toll of ratting ships is astronomical with Clavo and Happy killing billions worth of ships daily. From frigates to carriers nothing is safe from Welp Squad.

Havish in EVE Dublin

My trip to Dublin for the meetup there was very interesting. Not only did I enjoy a few pints of Guinness with some of the Imperium boys but we got to hear our enemies point of view. The metashow was even broadcasted on the big screen and we watched Killah Bee lose some dreads.

In regard to Welp Squad, I did my usual diplomacy. Here is the rundown of my findings:

  • GotG is no longer allowed to form against Welp Squad adhoc. An actual real FC is required. This made me chuckle, to say the least.
  • Welp Squad is known by hostile line members and organizations alike. But the command structure of Welp Squad is not. So much for my INN articles feeding them this intel.
  • Our enemies show the Imperium little respect. They think they won World War Bee… Well until corrected by yours truly with a not so subtle maniacal chuckle. I then recalled that the Casino war still rages, Co2 is now gone and TC has collapsed. We have “the list” that we will work through one at a time. Even CCP Sid was taken aback by how calmly and confidently the Imperium members agreed. The enemies of the Imperium sat at the table went silent accepting that the total annihilation of the two named alliances is going to be followed up with much more.
  • They are jealous of Delve. Theta is feared.
  • MC think they are useful.
  • The INIT boys there were awesome.
  • Guinness makes you bloated.
  • The Wizard hat suits me.

The event was well organized. A huge shout out to Joseph Barnacle O’Sullivan and Kiser Horgan for organizing things.


Welp Squad is always open for recruitment. We aim to fly alpha and newbro friendlier ships where possible and teach you combat on the fly. Prepare for fun and plenty of kills. If you want to FC, hunt, scout or have intel for Welp Squad Leadership contact Havish Montak or Clavo Oxidado to get the space red tape sorted. If urgent contact any of the members in Jabber with stars or flags.

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  • The Slayer

    ~RIP CCP Cid~

    November 12, 2017 at 11:48 am
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    Welp squad!!!

    November 14, 2017 at 5:53 am