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At over a decade, EVE is the third-longest bad habit of my life. When not playing EVE, I'm usually spouting off about something in a way that's going to make someone irritated. And to the incomparable Fluffy von Bloodletter (aka Hank)... miss you buddy. The last two years just haven't been the same.

Dirk Stetilleeditor

Words nerd with a penchant for philosophy and getting angry about politics. In EVE Online, I'm a Goonswarm Diplomat and a Tournament Enthusiast!

Ralos Emiriscreative


I have been lurking in stations for 12 years in Eve, and playing pretty much every other MMO that comes out along the way. When I am not gaming, I am an administrator.....the person bugging you for the form filled out in triplicate from 3 weeks ago? That's me!


I'm a kiwi who's been involved in print and digital gaming media for ages.



Sophia 'Alizabeth' Sauthor

A very bad writer of worthless articles.


Aneu has been an Eve online player since 2003 and has been part of some of the most historically significant moments in Eve since then. He is a massive geek, political enthusiast, and works as a medical professional. He has a passion for gaming only equaled by a passion for debate and discussion.

Aradus Gunnellauthor

CEO & Founder of Omni Defense Intelligence Network [1.EYE], part of THE BASTION alliance. Business owner (I work with dogs), father, husband, US Navy veteran, podcaster (LOW LIFE Podcast), amateur Twitch streamer, and contributor to Imperium News Network.

Major Snipercreative

Elthar Noxauthor

A Wormholer converted to the dark side of Null Sec. Elthar joined INN shortly after making the jump into the war. He is a serving British Army Officer & amateur historian and has been specializing in war reporting from the front-lines of Delve.

Erick Asmockauthor

CEO of Patriotic Tendencies. Bad Golfer, Bad at EVE since 2006, Purveyor of Strawberry Pancakes, Believer that real bacon goes with anything and Canadian bacon is just ham. I enjoy Single Malts and assorted other adult beverages.

Rhiannon Williamsauthor

I'm an astrobiologist and planetary scientist. I'm also a Coursera Mentor for students studying evolutionary science and Earth history. I'm the co-founder of the Sixth Empire alliance in Eve Online where you know me as Feiryred. I like exoplanets and growing insanely hot chillies.


All hail the hypno toad

General Thadeauthor

I have been playing EVE for about 4 years. I like 1billion isk ticks and PVP. I report on wormhole stuff.

INN Guidesauthor


eve online new bro, content writer, I enjoy reading about investing and psychology.


Johnny Croweauthor

We were somewhere around Delve, on the edge of OK-FEM, when the boosters began to take hold.


I'm an IT consultant, author, and content creator. You can find me on YouTube as /JuriusDoctor and on Twitter under the same. I am also an instructor and recruiter in Iron Armada, and occasional guest lecturer with E-UNI. I have an unhealthy love of Dragoons and drone boats.


Space, scifi, and gaming enthusiast who's been riding the Eve Online rollercoaster for just over three years now. I spend my days as an industrialist, spreadsheet guru, and PvPer. I have strong thoughts about Eve Online that come from being all over the place and being an outlier from the major power blocs. I've been in the small groups, the huge alliances, and completely by myself. I've mined in HiSec and dropped capitals in Null, and learned a lot from both.

Romulus Lochesauthor

I am an amateur home-brewer, avid meta-gamer, and armchair theorist . In my spare time I enjoy long walks in the captain's quarters and watching AT re-runs while sipping Quafe.


Gwailar first tried EVE in 2008. In 2016 during the Saranen hellcamp he joined Karmafleet. An analyst by nature, he focused on the strategic and metagame aspects of EVE. He permanently quit the game in May 2022.

Lex Peritusauthor

Londala Poxauthor

Professional Storyteller, Bartender, and Investor, Entrepreneurship BBA University of Cincinnati, Former US Navy (Submarine Communications)

Adreland Deninardauthor

Freelance Writer from Virginia. Husband and Father of 2. Goonswarm Member. I've been playing Eve on and off since 2004, and now I get to write about it.

Miracle zizoauthor

Always open for information and news. Member of ICE is coming to Eve corporation Goonswarm Federation


First-year writer for INN. focused on in-game guides and breaking news stories. Enjoy most aspects of Eve gameplay as well as MTG and Warhammer.


Rasa Greywalkerauthor

Your friendly neighborhood capsuleer who dabbles a bit in everything. When on the clock, I'm usually teaching math to youngsters.

Roman Eightauthor

Kyle Saltzauthor

11 year Counterintelligence Agent, Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, Graduate of the Defense language institute, Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7952, Eve Vegas Speaker 2019.


Telling the story of life as a starship pilot in New Eden.

Ban Syrinauthor

Playing Eve since Q3 2019.





29. Male. Kentucky. Enjoy long rides on a Red Boat. I have a Twitch show named The Boat Show, so come watch it!

Erick Asmockauthor

CEO of Patriotic Tendencies. Bad Golfer, Bad at EVE since 2006, Purveyor of Strawberry Pancakes, Believer that real bacon goes with anything and Canadian bacon is just ham. I enjoy Single Malts and assorted other adult beverages.

House Hendoestreamer

Hello there, I'm Hendoe just another kid who owned Dune 2 and has been a gamer ever since. Okay okay so you want more detail. Here you go, I'm former Marine from south of Boston who now utilizes his freetime in fighting virtual wars preferably in New Eden. Though my steam library has repeated try to convince me I have other gaming interest like Stellaris (heavy on the mods) Conan Exiles ( minecraft for adults with patience), Battletech ( this goes back before the PC), Surviving Mars and like 200+ others that some how occur hours played. If I own it I'll play, sometimes with no skill and broadcast it. I'm also a lore nerd so be warned I know too much irrelevant crap in ficition universes


Jay Amazingnessstreamer

im the meme lord


INN Streaming Director and Streamer who helps co-run the stream team with SkepticNerdGuy and coordinates the streaming division to bring content to you via Twitch! - RuneShiftGaming Who is a variety broadcaster on Twitch!


Senior live media producer for Imperium News. I run the Imperium News Stream team with an awesome team of producers, streamers and hosts. I also sometimes dabble with some video and graphics stuff.




TrueEbag is a variety streamer that focuses on first person shooters and simulation games. He's a military veteran who routinely raises money for veteran charities that are near and dear to his heart.

Zaenis Desefstreamer