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Bill McDonougheditor

At almost nine years, EVE is the third-longest bad habit of my life. When not playing EVE, I'm usually spouting off about something in a way that's going to make someone irritated, or spending time with the incomparable Fluffy von Bloodletter, whose actual name is Hank. But let's face it, Fluffy von Bloodletter's a much better name, even for a cat.

Dirk Stetilleeditor

An EVE Online player first and foremost, I am a Goonswarm Federation Diplomat and Fleet Commander. I'm glad to be finally taking my interest in the wider community and doing something about it through my role here at INN. IRL, I am a vaguely committed uni student, love to SCUBA dive, and enjoy hitting people with swords. Seriously, the swords are great fun.


Paramemetic is a Tibetan language translator and occasionally game-playing goon. He's the former Director of HR for the Diamond Frogs in Elite: Dangerous, and is now the besuited bureaucrat managing the Imperium's Ministry of Truth.


I have been lurking in stations for 8 years in Eve, and playing pretty much every other MMO that comes out along the way. When I am not gaming, I am an administrator.....the person bugging you for the form filled out in triplicate from 3 weeks ago? That's me!


I'm a kiwi who's been involved in print and digital gaming media for ages.



D'nara Atreidisauthor

Born in Arittant D'nara Atreidis was the daughter of a king in times long past. He believed his daughter to be so beautiful that he put all of the kingdoms greatest scientific minds to the task of finding a way to preserve her forever. Many failed experiments proved that while impossible to preserve his daughters body her mind was a different story. She was awakened one cold night to someone breaking down her door. Who did she see but her father who was now in the deep throws of madness. He took her to the cellar of the manor and though she struggled and begged he overpowered her and connected her to some machine. Strapped to a table D'nara feared that this would be the end of her. Men in white coats placed some sort of mechanic apparatus on her head. When D'nara saw one walk over to some kind of switch fear overwhelmed her until suddenly she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck and no sooner than she felt it reality seemed to fade away She wandered in this nothing... somewhere but nowhere all at the same time.. After what seemed an eternity something happened. A feeling she had almost forgotten. A deep memory from the past She woke to white lights shining down on her surrounded by people she did not know in a world much different from her own

Canis Fangbornauthor

KarmaFleet pilot who, when faced with the almost limitless possibilities within the Goonswarm Federation, chose welp squad as his first step up. Says it all really. In love with his Maulus. Hopes to one day own a Drake, but hasn't been playing long enough to know why.

Dracos Rhagharauthor

An active member in Iron Armada, with experience in low-sec, faction warfare, and null-sec PVP and PVE. I am pleased to be a member of one of the last independent medium sized entities in New Eden.


@EveningExpress digital content producer. @DC_Thomson Digital Journalist of the year. Gaming, Ice Hockey and local, breaking news.

Chase Gamwellauthor

AKA Elaqure. By day, I'm an oilfield chemist/engineer. By night, I'm a gamer and science fiction writer. Recently, I've combined these two interests and started writing about games! You can occasionally find me on social media, but I've yet to master the art of consistency there.

Erick Asmockauthor

CEO of Patriotic Tendencies. Bad Golfer, Bad at EVE since 2006, Purveyor of Strawberry Pancakes, Believer that real bacon goes with anything and Canadian bacon is just ham. I enjoy Single Malts and assorted other adult beverages.

Rhiannon Williamsauthor

I'm an astrobiologist and planetary scientist. I'm also a Coursera Mentor for students studying evolutionary science and Earth history. I'm the co-founder of the Sixth Empire alliance in Eve Online where you know me as Feiryred. I like exoplanets and growing insanely hot chillies.


All hail the hypno toad

General Thademember

I have been playing EVE for about 4 years. I like 1billion isk ticks and PVP. I report on wormhole stuff.

Guilford Australisauthor

I sent 70 men to Feythabolis that day. We never found them. Just the Jackdaws... floating, empty. The wormhole took them.

INN Guidesauthor


I'm a teacher, soccer/volleyball coach, writer, and editor outside of Eve. In-game, I split my time between high-sec and null, and I write about interesting content and interesting people. I like weird and off-the-wall characters, stories, ships, and fits.


I'm an IT consultant, author, and content creator. You can find me on YouTube as /JuriusDoctor and on Twitter under the same. I am also an instructor and recruiter in Iron Armada, and occasional guest lecturer with E-UNI. I have an unhealthy love of Dragoons and drone boats.


Space, scifi, and gaming enthusiast who's been riding the Eve Online rollercoaster for close to two years now. I spend my days as an industrialist, spreadsheet guru, and PvPer. I have strong thoughts about Eve Online that come from being all over the place and being an outlier from the major power blocs. I've been in the small groups, the huge alliances, and completely by myself. I've mined in HiSec and dropped capitals in Null, and learned a lot from both.

Kore Lorenzauthor

Hi. I'm the Imperium News Network COO.

Macky Avelliauthor

I'm Macky Avelli, and I'm an Imperium.News Contributor! I write some stuff, and have been known to deal in simple graphic design from time to time. My tastes in games are varied, I'm up for just about anything!

Mischa Gau'ss Teslaauthor

Belgian player, real life (future) space-engineer; Eve, beer, computer and chocolate enthusiast, you will probably find this big dude with dreadlocks drinking and shooting spaceships, or just writing for your pleasure!


Devil's advocate to most things in life. Sub par logistical pilot when I do log in. Terrible Magic The Gathering player and all around average guy and for some reason, they gave me a writing job.

Moomin Amatinauthor

Official eye-candy of Theta Squad. Big spoon to HarlyQ. Proudly kicked from ENLI. Normally lost and chatting in local.


Mobile app developer full-time, and writer in between. Mostly, I run around New Eden and generate content for others.

Naz al-Ghulauthor


Space journalist at INN and button pusher at Amok., I write about Stellaris, science and interesting things that I come across when not actively playing EVE.

Gray Docauthor

A university professor and writer, I enjoy gaming when I get the chance. Writing about gaming is a perfect blend.

Rhom Achensaauthor

I write things for a living, so why not write things about internet spaceships?

Robby Kasparicauthor

Gooniversity head and KarmaFleet pilot. Naval History enthusiast. Irrational love of battleships. Long live the Hyperion.


Flying with the Swarm since before I can remember. Now bringing in-person events to a city near you.

Savvy Kneelauthor


Shokalokaboom is an avid Eve Online enthusiast, having started playing in 2006. During this time he has spent years in Null Sec and Wormholes. A devoted family man, he also enjoys the Language Arts and writing music.

Robert Millerauthor

Robert Miller maintains a small POS in null overlooking a sparkling nebula. He'd get out and about more often, but gankers keep the gates bubbled.

Vulxanis Viceroyauthor

Vulxanis has been playing EVE Online since 2013. He is an opinionated lore enthusiast and roleplayer who enjoys spending his time debating nerdy aspects of various fictional worlds. His favorite things to do in EVE is to help others understand the game and blow stuff up.




29. Male. Kentucky. Enjoy long rides on a Red Boat. I have a Twitch show named The Boat Show, so come watch it!

Dirk MacGirkstreamer

EVE Online player since the glory days of 2008. EVE "Media" pundit on Open Comms and Talking in Stations.

Dreydan Trovirrstreamer

I am a co-host on The Open Comms Show on Friday nights 9 PM EST (Sat 2 AM UTC) and stream on Saturday nights as well at midnight EST (Sun 5 AM GMT) on INN's Twitch channel.


Streamer and terrible at Eve Online, Co-Host on Open Coms. I am 33 years old, from Canada. Love FPS games and survival. Been streaming on INN since 2015, despite my wifes best efforts.

Erick Asmockauthor

CEO of Patriotic Tendencies. Bad Golfer, Bad at EVE since 2006, Purveyor of Strawberry Pancakes, Believer that real bacon goes with anything and Canadian bacon is just ham. I enjoy Single Malts and assorted other adult beverages.


Streamer on Twitch.tv https://www.twitch.tv/knightjvor , 22 years old, and from Jackson Mississippi. I'm a pretty open book as well.


Live Talk Show Streaming Producer for Imperium News Network. Technical Producer of Talking in Stations. 2D Artist / Compositor for Imperium News Network. I enjoy realistic games / games that are grounded in reality, Less interested in flights of fantasy, though i do enjoy Sci-fi. Very Interested in pursuing ESports and the holy grail that is distributed global media networking and broadcasting systems. In Eve Online I fly with The Graduates as part of The Initiative and constantly surprise myself on how bad I am at making money in this game.



RooNe Jastreamer

One of the brother's on Runeshiftgaming come watch us for some fun and learning on Eve online


INN Streaming Director and Streamer who helps co-run the stream team with SkepticNerdGuy and coordinates the streaming division to bring content to you via Twitch! - One of the Two Brothers from RuneShiftGaming Who are EVE/Variety Broadcasters on Twitch!


Senior live media producer for Imperium News. I run the Imperium News Stream team with an awesome team of producers, streamers and hosts. I also sometimes dabble with some video and graphics stuff.


TrueEbag is a variety streamer that focuses on first person shooters and simulation games. He's a military veteran who routinely raises money for veteran charities that are near and dear to his heart.