Our Staff


Bill McDonougheditor

At seven years, EVE is the third-longest bad habit of my life. When not playing EVE, I'm usually spouting off about something in a way that's going to make someone irritated, or spending time with the incomparable Fluffy von Bloodletter, whose actual name is Hank. But let's face it, Fluffy von Bloodletter's a much better name, even for a cat.

Dirk Stetilleeditor

An EVE Online player first and foremost, I am a Goonswarm Federation Diplomat and Fleet Commander. I'm glad to be finally taking my interest in the wider community and doing something about it through my role here at INN. IRL, I am a vaguely committed uni student, love to SCUBA dive, and enjoy hitting people with swords. Seriously, the swords are great fun.


Kore Lorenzeditor

Hi. I'm the Imperium News Network COO.


I have been lurking in stations for 8 years in Eve, and playing pretty much every other MMO that comes out along the way. When I am not gaming, I am an administrator.....the person bugging you for the form filled out in triplicate from 3 weeks ago? That's me!


I'm a kiwi who's been involved in print and digital gaming media for ages.

Andrew Sturgiseditor

You might know me as Set's Chaos. Bitter vet, space enthusiast. I write things occasionally and over analyze things always.



Cody Pollardauthor

Former CEO of a corp nobody has heard of. I enjoy trying new things in EVE and I have recently started writing about it.

Dracos Rhagharauthor

An active member in Iron Armada, with experience in low-sec, faction warfare, and null-sec PVP and PVE. I am pleased to be a member of one of the last independent medium sized entities in New Eden.

Bishop Dragalis Miraximauthor

I am the Bishop of Burn Jita, Minister of Love, itinerant Space Priest and all around nice guy. I enjoy the less "friendly" pastimes of EVE Online and reporting on the same.

Chase Gamwellauthor

AKA Elaqure. By day, I'm an oilfield chemist/engineer. By night, I'm a gamer and science fiction writer. Recently, I've combined these two interests and started writing about games! You can occasionally find me on social media, but I've yet to master the art of consistency there.

Erick Asmockauthor

Director in Patriotic Tendencies. Bad Golfer, Bad at EVE since 2006, Purveyor of Strawberry Pancakes, Believer that real bacon goes with anything and Canadian bacon is just ham. I enjoy Single Malts and assorted other adult beverages.

Rhiannon Williamsauthor

I'm an astrobiologist and planetary scientist. I'm also a Coursera Mentor for students studying evolutionary science and Earth history. I'm the co-founder of the Sixth Empire alliance in Eve Online where you know me as Feiryred. I like exoplanets and growing insanely hot chillies.


All hail the hypno toad

Gommel Noxstreamer

I'm a disabled gamer who streams here, on my own channel, and on the Able Gamers Foundation twitch channel; broadcasting the finest in Eve Online, Atlas Reactor, and Let's Plays of the latest and greatest titles!

INN Guidesauthor

Jack Mellishauthor

Eve industrialist who has been failing repeatedly at the game since 2011. Obsessed with null-sec politics. Real life student/researcher of International Relations and Military Affairs. Currently flying in Goonswarm Federation. Spaceship Nerd.

Johnny Croweauthor

We were somewhere around Delve, on the edge of OK-FEM, when the boosters began to take hold.


I'm an IT consultant, author, and content creator. You can find me on YouTube as /JuriusDoctor and on Twitter under the same. I am also an instructor in Iron Guard Academy [IG.A], and occasional guest lecturer with E-UNI. I have an unhealthy love of Dragoons, and Battle Ventures fleet best fleet.


Space, scifi, and gaming enthusiast who's been riding the Eve Online rollercoaster for close to two years now. I spend my days as an industrialist, spreadsheet guru, and PvPer. I have strong thoughts about Eve Online that come from being all over the place and being an outlier from the major power blocs. I've been in the small groups, the huge alliances, and completely by myself. I've mined in HiSec and dropped capitals in Null, and learned a lot from both.

Stephanie Daughertyauthor

I'm a writer and creative producer for Imperium News. I've been playing spreadsheets in space as Kyalla Ahashion since 2013. Janitor-in-chief of Goonwiki, highsec ganker, and occasional FC.


I am a sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast, renaissance faire connoisseur, and civilized meat-shield.

Londala Poxauthor

Professional Storyteller, Bartender, and Investor, Entrepreneurship BBA University of Cincinnati, Former US Navy (Submarine Communications)

Macky Avelliauthor

I'm Macky Avelli, and I'm an Imperium.News Contributor! I write some stuff, and have been known to deal in simple graphic design from time to time. My tastes in games are varied, I'm up for just about anything!

Mischa Gau'ss Teslaauthor

Belgian player, real life (future) space-engineer; Eve, beer, computer and chocolate enthusiast, you will probably find this big dude with dreadlocks drinking and shooting spaceships, or just writing for your pleasure!


Paramemetic is a firefighter/EMT, hazmat technician, Tibetan astrologer and translator, and occasionally game playing goon. His greatest claim to fame is managing to have never seen a single frame of Dark Souls, allowing him to play the last ever blind run in history in 2016. In Elite, he's the Diamond Frogs Chief Logistics and Human Resources Officer.

Que Essauthor

Robby Kasparicauthor

KarmaFleet pilot. Naval History enthusiast. Irrational love of battleships. Long live the Hyperion.

Thel Ancoraauthor

I started Eve over 3 years ago and have tried just about everything. In-game I enjoy multiboxing ewar and flying (h)interdictors.


Turk Fezzikauthor

I am a gamer and software developer who can sometimes be found in Eve Online. I like short walks on the beach to reach the cooler and retrieve a craft-brew IPA. You can reach me on twitter @tfezz.

Jack Hulattauthor

Imperium.news writer, currently an EVE Online nomad. Currently addicted to World of Tanks, to the detriment of the rest of my life. Huge modern and ancient history nerd (the middle ages can get lost). A damned youth.

Vulxanis Viceroyauthor

Vulxanis has been playing EVE Online since 2013. He is an opinionated lore enthusiast and roleplayer who enjoys spending his time debating nerdy aspects of various fictional worlds. His favorite things to do in EVE is to help others understand the game and blow stuff up. Currently a Hordling of the Pandemic variety shooting all the things in null.


I have been playing EVE Online on-and-off since 2011, have an extensive history with MMOs and used to work for publications such as MMORPG.com and MMOGames.com When I'm not excelling at internet carebearing I am an Aussie with a self-awarded bachelor in surviving deadly animal encounters and drinking excessively.





29. Male. Kentucky. Enjoy long rides on a Red Boat. I have a Twitch show named The Boat Show, so come watch it!

Dirk MacGirkstreamer

EVE Online player since the glory days of 2008. EVE "Media" pundit on The Open Comms Show and Talking in Stations.


Imperium Director of Bad Decisions, I run Hole Squad.

Dreydan Trovirrstreamer

I am a co-host on The Open Comms Show on Friday nights 9 PM EST (Sat 2 AM UTC) and stream on Saturday nights as well at midnight EST (Sun 5 AM GMT) on INN's Twitch channel.


Streamer and terrible at Eve Online, Co-Host on Open Coms. I am 33 years old, from Canada. Love FPS games and survival. Been streaming on INN since 2015, despite my wifes best efforts.

Erick Asmockauthor

Director in Patriotic Tendencies. Bad Golfer, Bad at EVE since 2006, Purveyor of Strawberry Pancakes, Believer that real bacon goes with anything and Canadian bacon is just ham. I enjoy Single Malts and assorted other adult beverages.


I'm Julie and I love chatting with people on Twitch while I struggle at video games. I play multiplayer games with viewers on INN and stream mostly horror/dark games and cooking on my personal channel.

Gommel Noxstreamer

I'm a disabled gamer who streams here, on my own channel, and on the Able Gamers Foundation twitch channel; broadcasting the finest in Eve Online, Atlas Reactor, and Let's Plays of the latest and greatest titles!


Been playing online games for over 12 years, I'm fond of making end game content playable to those new to the game as quickly and sanely possible while picking up core skills in the process. Some call it cruel, I call it survival of the fittest.



Live Talk Show Streaming Producer for Imperium News Network. Technical Producer of Talking in Stations. 2D Artist / Compositor for Imperium News Network. I enjoy realistic games / games that are grounded in reality, Less interested in flights of fantasy, though i do enjoy Sci-fi. Very Interested in pursuing ESports and the holy grail that is distributed global media networking and broadcasting systems. In Eve Online I fly with The Graduates as part of The Initiative and constantly surprise myself on how bad I am at making money in this game.


Jay Amazingnessstreamer

im the meme lord

RooNe Jastreamer

One of the brother's on Runeshiftgaming come watch us for some fun and learning on Eve online


INN Streaming Director and Streamer who helps co-run the stream team with SkepticNerdGuy and coordinates the streaming division to bring content to you via Twitch! - One of the Two Brothers from RuneShiftGaming Who are EVE/Variety Broadcasters on Twitch!


Senior live media producer for Imperium News. I run the Imperium News Stream team with an awesome team of producers, streamers and hosts. I also sometimes dabble with some video and graphics stuff.