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Bill McDonougheditor

At almost nine years, EVE is the third-longest bad habit of my life. When not playing EVE, I'm usually spouting off about something in a way that's going to make someone irritated, or spending time with the incomparable Fluffy von Bloodletter, whose actual name is Hank. But let's face it, Fluffy von Bloodletter's a much better name, even for a cat.

Dirk Stetilleeditor

Words nerd with a penchant for philosophy and getting angry about politics.


I'm a teacher, soccer/volleyball coach, writer, and editor outside of Eve. In-game, I split my time between high-sec and null, and I write about interesting content and interesting people. I like weird and off-the-wall characters, stories, ships, and fits.


Gray Doceditor

A university professor and writer, I enjoy gaming when I get the chance. Writing about gaming is a perfect blend.


I have been lurking in stations for 8 years in Eve, and playing pretty much every other MMO that comes out along the way. When I am not gaming, I am an administrator.....the person bugging you for the form filled out in triplicate from 3 weeks ago? That's me!


I'm a kiwi who's been involved in print and digital gaming media for ages.

Robert Millereditor

Robert Miller maintains a small POS in null overlooking a sparkling nebula. He'd get out and about more often, but gankers keep the gates bubbled.



Tael Silversauthor

I'm a licensed life insurance agent by day and an escape room game master by night. I love mountain biking, gaming and anything fun. I've always loved space games, and my favorite is X3: Albion Prelude from the X-Series. My main Eve character is Tael Silvers, and the others are top secret.

Calyle Morrisonauthor

A four year EVE veteran, Calyle is proud fact that he is the first person in the game to spell his name as it is. PVP is the his new American pass time. Front-line reporting on brawls in space, deep diving into major changes for the community, Calyle endeavors to cover what matters accurately and quickly.

Cato Azizoraauthor

PhD student that foolishly decided to get involved in the complex events that make up Eve Online. When not being terrible at Eve he enjoys hearing stories from people in game and hopefully relay these things to bigger audiences.

Merc Thanatosauthor

Yeesh, that Bio was getting old. I'm a recent Highschool grad and 4 year eve player, give or take some breaks. I used to be Phorde, but I've more recently joined a smaller alliance in PanFam. I'm more of an industrialist pilot than anything, but I get into my fair share of fights. You'll find my articles to cover quite a few different topics, such as new hardware, industry in Eve, and most importantly- my perspective as an average player on how the game is developing. I will respond to as many comments on my articles as I can, so feel free to ask any questions or post any critiques!

Major Snipercreative

Chase Gamwellauthor

Chase Gamwell grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, a town heavily influenced by the US space program. There, he quickly became enamored with space travel, and this fascination eventually led to an appreciation of sci-fi in all forms. Creative writing is his true passion, and he’s always working on something new, usually in the realm of science fiction. You can find him tweeting about writing @elaqure, or posting about his latest projects on elaqure.wordpress.com.

Erick Asmockauthor

CEO of Patriotic Tendencies. Bad Golfer, Bad at EVE since 2006, Purveyor of Strawberry Pancakes, Believer that real bacon goes with anything and Canadian bacon is just ham. I enjoy Single Malts and assorted other adult beverages.

Rhiannon Williamsauthor

I'm an astrobiologist and planetary scientist. I'm also a Coursera Mentor for students studying evolutionary science and Earth history. I'm the co-founder of the Sixth Empire alliance in Eve Online where you know me as Feiryred. I like exoplanets and growing insanely hot chillies.

General Thadeauthor

I have been playing EVE for about 4 years. I like 1billion isk ticks and PVP. I report on wormhole stuff.

Guilford Australisauthor

I sent 70 men to Feythabolis that day. We never found them. Just the Jackdaws... floating, empty. The wormhole took them.

Hai Renauthor

New space journalist at INN. I do exploration in-game, and not much else 😛

INN Guidesauthor



I'm an IT consultant, author, and content creator. You can find me on YouTube as /JuriusDoctor and on Twitter under the same. I am also an instructor and recruiter in Iron Armada, and occasional guest lecturer with E-UNI. I have an unhealthy love of Dragoons and drone boats.


Space, scifi, and gaming enthusiast who's been riding the Eve Online rollercoaster for just over three years now. I spend my days as an industrialist, spreadsheet guru, and PvPer. I have strong thoughts about Eve Online that come from being all over the place and being an outlier from the major power blocs. I've been in the small groups, the huge alliances, and completely by myself. I've mined in HiSec and dropped capitals in Null, and learned a lot from both.

Kor Anonauthor

Salty Navy Chief, now a Salty Navy Chief in the Imperium... Sounds Perfect.

Macky Avelliauthor

I'm Macky Avelli, and I'm an Imperium.News Contributor! I write some stuff, and have been known to deal in simple graphic design from time to time. My tastes in games are varied, I'm up for just about anything!

Miracle zizoauthor

Always open for information and news. Member of ICE is coming to Eve corporation Goonswarm Federation


First-year writer for INN. focused on in-game guides and breaking news stories. Enjoy most aspects of Eve gameplay as well as MTG and Warhammer.




I am a 2-year veteran of EVE Online. Though my exploits are not legendary, I have spent time in several nullsec alliances as a fleet commander and am the self-proclaimed Hero of the North. I do graphic design on the side and sometimes write lackluster articles and am the editor-in-chief of the New Eden Post, host of Trash Talk Tuesday and Crossing the Redline.


Flying with the Swarm since before I can remember. Now bringing in-person events to a city near you.

Kyle Saltzauthor

11 year Counterintelligence Agent, Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, Graduate of the Defense language institute, Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7952, Eve Vegas Speaker 2019.

Saphira Hawkauthor

Just your average linemember interested in Industry, Solo pvp and everything in between to some extent, with an unhealthy interest for collecting and understanding ship fittings of every kind

Seir Lucielauthor

Seir Luciel is a literature grad student who is currently teaching rhetoric at his university. He is in Pandemic Horde, and is the son of Gray Doc (a Goon editor/author on INN), which leads to some pretty interesting conversations; those conversations are often inspiration for articles on INN.

Siaka Stevensauthor

Bitter half-vet who's lived all over New Eden flying with many different groups and pines for the return of battleship doctrines being the norm. Favorite flavor of crayon is Burnt Sienna and favorite ship is the Keres.

Ban Syrinauthor

Playing Eve since Q3 2019.


Writer, creator, gamer, philosopher, theologian, and stirrer of pots.




29. Male. Kentucky. Enjoy long rides on a Red Boat. I have a Twitch show named The Boat Show, so come watch it!

Erick Asmockauthor

CEO of Patriotic Tendencies. Bad Golfer, Bad at EVE since 2006, Purveyor of Strawberry Pancakes, Believer that real bacon goes with anything and Canadian bacon is just ham. I enjoy Single Malts and assorted other adult beverages.

House Hendoestreamer

Hello there, I'm Hendoe just another kid who owned Dune 2 and has been a gamer ever since. Okay okay so you want more detail. Here you go, I'm former Marine from south of Boston who now utilizes his freetime in fighting virtual wars preferably in New Eden. Though my steam library has repeated try to convince me I have other gaming interest like Stellaris (heavy on the mods) Conan Exiles ( minecraft for adults with patience), Battletech ( this goes back before the PC), Surviving Mars and like 200+ others that some how occur hours played. If I own it I'll play, sometimes with no skill and broadcast it. I'm also a lore nerd so be warned I know too much irrelevant crap in ficition universes


Jay Amazingnessstreamer

im the meme lord


INN Streaming Director and Streamer who helps co-run the stream team with SkepticNerdGuy and coordinates the streaming division to bring content to you via Twitch! - One of the Two Brothers from RuneShiftGaming Who are EVE/Variety Broadcasters on Twitch!


Senior live media producer for Imperium News. I run the Imperium News Stream team with an awesome team of producers, streamers and hosts. I also sometimes dabble with some video and graphics stuff.




TrueEbag is a variety streamer that focuses on first person shooters and simulation games. He's a military veteran who routinely raises money for veteran charities that are near and dear to his heart.

Zaenis Desefstreamer