Refinery Spec/Patch Trip Report – ISK Overdose


(This article originally appeared on the forums, written by Goonswarm Director Aryth. Aryth has graciously allowed us to present his wisdom to the greater player community.)

We did it. We are rich as fuck and called it all exactly right, again. Welcome, new generation of Trillionares and multi-100Billionares. You are the latest in a long series of economic victories of Goondor. By Goondor I mean Cabal/Alliance and GS_ISK. Everyone out there that didn’t listen in that channel for the last few years just missed out on magic. Unicorns exist in EVE and we just not only rode one we are now having sex with maidens on top of it and you know exactly what use the mane is going to.

For three long years we have told GS_ISK to invest in Moongoo and later Salvage. In the case of Moongoo, all of this was for the eventual re-balance of EVE to an active mining baseline. For salvage it was a direct speculation list for the rigs that would be needed for refineries. Salvage was a bit more speculative in the sense we didn’t know which salvage would be used. Because of this you had to invest across many things that wouldn’t pay off for the promise of far higher returns on those that did. Contaminated Lorentz Fluid was a prime example of a hit out of the park. 500% or more. Far more for early investors. Our advice was a 50/50 split. 50% ISK in salvage and 50% ISK in Moongoo. This let you balance risky lottery tickets with solid returns. The last year or so I was straight up screenshotting my investment can and posting it to GS_ISK topic. It doesn’t get more spoon-fed than that. It really paid off though.

Moongoo was a different story. There is essentially no investment that didn’t pay off huge. Even late investors are up 200-300% on their money. Super late investors that bought within 90 days of patch are up 50%+. This was on a scale of double digit trillions when you add all our investments up. Prepatch. The cabal and alliance alone were basically double digits alone. So we have just made double digit trillions on top of that, spread across Goondor and heavily concentrated in the alliance itself as well. This is the largest single coordinated investment in the history of EVE by far. We have far outdone ourselves. The best part is this is ISK moving between players and not injected into the economy. If anything this is a truly massive tax on Moongoo by CCP in the form of reactions. This is one of the few times we didn’t have to wreck parts of the economy to all profit. HI-5s all around.

What’s now:

However, this also means you need to be careful in the next few weeks and months if you are cashing out or reacting. You ideally want to cash out sometime prior to end of Jan on any truly large positions that isn’t NEO or Thulium linked anyway. At least until real supply starts coming online. It probably won’t matter for many months but you should react anything you can and sell it. Your input prices will be cheaper than anything pubbies and non-handheld can get. This becomes especially true when our fracks start having outputs sold around 1DQ. The margin on the reactions themselves add even more ISK into your pocket.

What you should be doing now:

  1. React Moongoo and Cash out over next couple months. This is highly profitable if you are careful on input pricing. Even if you don’t have any inputs today go look at the math. We have provided many dispersed T2 Reaction Tataras. This keeps the index down for everyone and allows us to spread the capital across more structures.
  2. Continue buying new inputs cheaply. From the time of this posting that means Neo and Thulium. Those are safer to react as of this time due to several reasons.
  3. Avoid Ferrogel and Nanotransistors reactions unless you are willing to tolerate huge price swings in inputs and outputs. We and alliances are actively manipulating all prices here. Especially Dys & Prom. This is the land of sharks.
  4. Metamaterials and Carbides are pretty safe. Especially NEO/Thulium based ones like Plasmonic and Photoic. Note, I am going to manipulate NEO up in the near future.

If you are not already prepared for reactions you need the following assuming a scratch new char.

For a 10 slot alt you need: 2 Large Skill Injectors per char, 500 Plex (per 3 chars), 5,000,000 ISK to deathclone to Delve. 4 Skillbooks

Inject the alt with Reactions 4: 45,255  |  Mass Reactions 5: 512,000  |  Advanced Mass Reactions 4: 362,039  |  Remote Reactions 3: 24,000

Bottom of the post. If you read this far you deserve some reward.

I am going to manipulate Neo next. It isn’t going to get much cheaper than now.

Enjoy the wealth Goons. Economic victory indeed.

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  • Caleb Ayrania

    Now its just a question if this gets CCP in panic mode, and try to come up with some half arsed goon nerf! and ofc Gratz! 🙂

    December 10, 2017 at 9:19 PM
  • Freelancer117

    Enjoy your internet space monies.

    Fun fact, on a dj Funkybacon show a listener tried to order a bigmac menu with isk :p

    December 11, 2017 at 8:04 AM
  • Merciless

    This screams insider “trading”

    December 16, 2017 at 7:47 PM