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Art by Mintaki.

Several weeks ago, Jin’taan was on the most popular Eve-related show, The Meta Show (hosted normally by Boat-ney and The M’tarni (PBUH)). During this show, Jin’taan was quizzed about a new direction he had taken. This was with the formation of a new alliance called Red Noise Dot. Jin’taan, however, remained quite tight lipped about this new venture.

I was intrigued enough though to keep watching to see what would come of this new alliance. This was mainly as Jin’taan was a high profile CSM member with a good track record within our community as a whole. So, what on earth could he possibly be up to?

A little background first though. Jin’taan was a prominent figure within CVA until quite recently. This was very much more on the military side of things. With the successful incursion of PL into Providence, Jin’taan ended up leaving his long-standing home and moving for a brief time to Test. Despite CVA never really being a major power in New Eden, they were at times active and successful. Jin’taan played a role in the military efforts of CVA, and it was rumoured was not always pleased with the direction CVA leadership took.

Jin’taan has also been a CSM member for two years, and gained another term this year for CSM XIII. He has also been a common personality for Eve-based sporting events and general commentary. I mean, who can forget “Bling’tan”? Indeed, this is where I first met Jin’taan in the very successful Anger Games held by The Imperium. I intended to use this history as leverage to try and find out a little more about what Jin’taan is now up to.

The Jin’taalk

Moomin: So what was your reasoning behind leaving CVA for TEST, and then leaving TEST?

Jin’Taan: I had announced my decision to leave Providence during the start of the war to the leadership team, actually. I felt as though a lot of the issues I’d brought up hadn’t been addressed, and whilst I loved what Providence stood for, I felt like it was time for me to move on.

TEST seemed like an obvious place to go to from there. But, I felt like there wasn’t quite the need for me to build something, which was what drove me to be as active as I was in Providence. So, when I saw an opportunity to try something new, and start something from scratch, I jumped on it.

Moomin: Do you intend to emulate the principles of CVA, such as with that terrible system of NRDS?

Jin’Taan: If by CVA you mean Provibloc, absolutely. I always liked the idea of giving more casual players a place to enjoy the content nullsec has to offer; it’s an ideal that really resonates with me. NRDS is something I won’t be going back to however. NBSI all the way.


In the recent Red Noise Dot SOTA, Jin’taan advised that they were pivoting and moving somewhere else other than Immensea. This seems to be a prudent move given the movements of PanFam as a whole. The responses here have been left for historic purposes.

Moomin: Looking at Dotlan I can see that you have taken sov in Immensea. Is that to be your home?

Jin’Taan: We decided to start the coalition in the middle of a war rather than in some tucked away corner of nullsec krabbing away, because I wanted to give us an objective and content to rally around, and people to learn fighting against.

Moomin: With Immensea hotting up as a conflict zone, is it a good move for you to try and setup there at this time?

Jin’Taan: Immensea is the site of a huge war right now, so we’ll have to wait and see. Hotting up is certainly a good description though!

Moomin: Should your plans in Immensea go awry do you have a backup plan and if so what is it?

Jin’Taan: It’s unwise to comment on future plans, or so I’m told.

Training Coalition Leadership V

Moomin: Is leading an alliance/coalition the same as running a military campaign?

Jin’Taan: No. There’s a lot of new skills to learn. I’ve had to learn to delegate, to train people, to plan things out in a wider scale than just a single objective. It’s been a very interesting change of pace, and I hope to learn more as I go along.

Moomin: Are you doing all this by yourself or do you have help?

Jin’Taan: There’s a great many people who’ve come on board to help from the beginning, with a great IT team helping build up all the tools we need, and a quality FC team that’s generating content all around the clock. I could go on, but I don’t think you want an essay on every group in the coalition.

Moomin: Has finding people to help you been a challenge?

Jin’Taan: I thought it would be, but I’ve found a lot of like minded people very eager to step in and help build something, I couldn’t be at the point I am now without their assistance! A coalition isn’t a one man show, in case anyone doubted that.

Moomin: What has been your biggest obstacle so far?

Jin’Taan: Transitioning from a head FC to coalition leadership. As I mentioned earlier, it’s an entirely new set of challenges to take on and skills to learn. Unfortunately there’s no zKill for leadership. Unless you count the MER.

Moomin: What do you see as the biggest challenge in your immediate future?

Jin’Taan: Honestly? Prioritisation. There’s a lot of small tasks that you have to take care of—or find the people to take care of—and it’s an interesting challenge to try and put them in order so the most important things get done.

Moomin: Has becoming an alliance/coalition leader exposed you to anything new in the game?

Jin’Taan: As with many things in EVE, the one thing it’s hammered home is the value of proper communication and coordination. I’ve learnt this before in being an FC and a member of the CSM, but it’s obviously a different task with different information to pass on.

Moomin: So what do you intend to offer over existing alliances/coalitions?

Jin’Taan: The main thing we offer right now that I don’t think any other coalitions offer is a wealth of opportunities. We’re still growing and there’s plenty to get done. I once referred to EVE as an ambition simulator, and I’d like to think we can work with people to help build something that matches their ambitions.

Moomin: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Jin’Taan: We’re building something and having a lot of fun doing it. If you’re interested, come along and join us, our doors are open to new players and veterans looking for a change of pace alike!

Moomin: Who are/is your favourite tournament co-host?

Jin’Taan: Yourself, of course. The Anger Games is always a blast. Thank you for taking the time to interview me, always a pleasure.

The Takeaway

So there we have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

It is not often that we see the birth of a completely new alliance/coalition, so how this all plays out will be interesting to watch. Who will be supporters, and who will try to crush the burgeoning new-found alliance? Only time will tell.

Personally I would like to wish Jin’tan all the best in his endeavours, and sincerely hope that he is able to invade Delve in the not too distant future.

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  • dnara

    Good luck to him. We need some new alliances in this game… More importantly we need more independent alliances and coalitions in this game… Hopefully after this war is over we will see the politics start to set that up… I would love to see a day where there are several small power blocs with independent wars and agendas rather than everyone siding with either one great power or the other.

    July 17, 2018 at 5:34 AM
    • Sylphinja the Dark Rose dnara

      No such thing as independence when the supercapital umbrellas are at work.
      Jin’taan is just deluding himself, but he’ll have to align himself with one side or the other.

      July 18, 2018 at 4:51 AM
      • And that attitude is exactly what is wrong with this game.

        July 19, 2018 at 12:28 AM