Today at 10:30 am Pacific, John Smedley of Pixelmage will be launching an Indiegogo campaign for his procedurally rendered, classic-styled RPG, “Hero’s Song.” The former CEO of Daybreak Games revealed his new company and its flagship project back in January, but when plans to raise money for it via a kickstarter campaign fizzled, the campaign was pulled and redesigned. Now, with a better price point and a starting pledge of 15 dollars for the full game, he plans to raise the rest of what he needs to finish the game and launch it, hopefully, by October.

The change in fundraising platforms from Kickstarter to Indiegogo, will allow Pixelmage to claim funds regardless of goals being met or not. What this means for backers is that the project will still get the funding they pledged and that the makers can still do something with it, instead of nothing, which is exactly what happens when a project fails to get funded on Kickstarter. So fear not! Funding will happen.

Procedurally rendered video games have been around for decades but have only started to gain real traction after the massive success of Minecraft in 2011. Since then various “survival” style and “build” style games have come out but few have tried to conquer the procedurally rendered possibilities that can occur when stories are involved. While Hero’s Song lacks a “main quest” it does plan to take elements of procedurally generated games – survive, build, conquer – to help each player essentially create their own epic storyline with near limitless possibilities. Whatever shade of good or evil a player wants to partake in, it seems Hero’s Song will write a fiting tune.

TMC will be livestreaming Pixelmage’s gameplay stream and indiegogo kickoff announcement today at 10:30 on TMC’s twitch channel.

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