In Order to Live : A GSF Director’s Journey to Betrayal

Submission 2016-04-14

Let’s set the story straight. I am not the spy you are looking for. I am the lone wolf, a distraction, and more distress will come to Goonswarm Federation as the true spies continue to dodge The Black Hand.

That being said:

On Saturday April 9, I was sniffed out as a director-level spy and traitor. On my way back from an animation museum with my kids in Seoul, I got this message:

“Duuuuude. You should log in. I don’t really care either way if the allegations are true… But there is stuff stirring in Corp chat…”

This of course was because I fell into a simple IP sniffer trap sent to my leaking account on Reddit. The news of me being a spy was finally brought to the attention of DOKDO, Goonswarm Federation and The Imperium. Honestly, when I clicked the link the night before, I knew it was over for me. I knew how this was going to play out, so when I got home I logged on and sent my goodbye mail, which was subsequently posted on Reddit. It explains much more of the “Why” or “Since When”:


As nearly all of you have heard by now, I am the Director/Skyteam-level spy. Many people are messaging me and mailing me about the “why”, so here it is:

First of all. I have been a spy for a long long time. It goes way back to when Rudazara was FCing for Black Legion and we were fighting in the south. However, my intention was to create content for the coalition by contacting the enemies and setting up fights. This is petty and all of the Imperium FCs do it with frenemies. I did this with Black Legion because I wanted to fight. I did this with Legion of Death in Geminate as well when we were in Bastion and I have done it with every fucking alliance we have fought since then. This again is petty spying and giving up positions/fleet comps only allows the enemy (if he is honorable) to bring a fightable fleet. IF they came with a counter, I just ran. Easy as that. This is why everyone loved Rembafreet, becuase I got us fights and fun, but you can thank enemy spy FCs.

Then came the Cloud Ring war. We were sent into Cloud Ring over and over and over again. We were pounding space for no fucking reason over and over again. I really thought that the war in CR would make a difference and that the Viceroy shit was real, so I put my whole effort into FCing as much as I could. I was writing TMC articles left and right… drinking the coolaid. Things changed.. The Mittani, DBRB and the other illum nerds were on a fucking boat eating seafood while I was ignoring my real life, my family and kids fighting his fucking war. I had become the worst father and family man because of a stupid game and the Illum continued to push the war. I was working hard for his cause and they left to go on a fucking Yacht trip.

The Illum’s idea of how to play this game does not benefit the players who want to actually fight. Instead of real fights, they want to meta the fuck out of every aspect of this game to win their version of a victory.

The deception was not about money. I had access to upwards of 25B ISK from the SRP wallet, mounds of ISK in assets from miniluv, access to three to four titans (not including momo’s) and nearly 50B ISK from DOKDO. All of this could have been mine if I was a real traitor. In fact many days I wanted to take it all, but other than my change in view of the Imperium, I was still ~loyal~ to DOKDO’s cause and never had the heart to steal.

Luckily, as I knew the Illum would be hunting me out as I began the leaks, I took logs and all kinds of other things with me. I knew I was going to be caught, but the fall of the Imperium is too goddamn funny to pass up and I kept leaking. I wanted to show the world what the GSF directorate really thinks about their allies. They literally plan to allow everyone to fall for their cause and yes it will all be on reddit very soon.

My biggest problem is that I couldn’t tell anyone or ask for advice on my problematic situation. I was in between a rock and hard place. I couldn’t truly betray the CFC without betraying you all as well. I have met many of you in real life and I hope that you dont think worse of me as a person.

To Twee, don’t forget what you have become and who put you there. You are in the position you are now because of my idea to unite all of the Koreans. While this is a really shitty way to go out and I am the traitor, don’t forget where you came from. You were a Bastion line member and now look, you’re a director of GSF, the once greatest alliance in the game, but now a bleeding mule.

When you sit in the seat above the clouds and you can’t see the city below, there are no people nor cars nor critters to enjoy. I am coming back to earth.

I will not reveal where I am going; however, when I get there, I suggest all of you move with me. I sent you the mail days ago telling you to move and its for a reason. You are going to lose, the Imperium will fall, and you will be stuck with all of your shit in space you don’t own. The Imperium is falling apart and corps/members are dropping daily. I am sorry for all of this, but it must be done to save the game.

Long live DOKDO.



My awakening betrayal comes in two parts: a combination of my distaste for the Goonswarm leadership and the realization that my position in GSF was taking too much from my personal life. Months ago, I realized my personal life with my family was being affected and corrected the issue by focusing more on them. This led to my drastic decrease in activity over the last few months as I shifted from commanding hours-long fleets every night to relaxing with the Miniluv team a day or two each week. I just couldn’t do it anymore. The Imperium was heading in a terrible direction, I was tired, and I finally realized that it was time to change both myself and the story of Eve as best I could.

We were no longer seeing the coalition we thought we had joined in days long past. We shipped up for battle and everyone from the top to the bottom lined up to fight. The Mittani was there, Blawrf was there, Reagalan was on deck, “Pipebomb” Papusa was ready, every fleet commander was in position, and we struck our enemies with the might of 5,000 pilots! There was motivation and the pain train was running on butter-covered track!

Then I saw from my view at the summit of Mt. Illuminati that The Imperium was becoming the same monster they had defeated so many years ago. Famed directors and fleet commanders were quitting or defecting left and right because of personal issues and ideological differences. Several times I went on drunken rants in Illum chat on Jabber expressing my concerns for The Mittani’s plans of creating a Roman Empire out of the galaxy. I specifically remember saying the Viceroy program was the stupidest idea and that it would ruin everything, yet I still wrote the article for it. “Do you guys even want to play this game?” My rants and questioning of authority fell on deaf ears. So I made illumittanileaks and began the drip coffee-style leaks that would show Goonswarm’s true intentions towards their allies and their players.


I created DOKDO to bring all of the Koreans together and make an insane fighting force within Goonswarm. We developed real life relationships; I even work with some of the members. What was I to do? I wanted to tear down the Imperium, but I couldn’t without destroying what I had made myself. If I stayed, I would continue playing the Imperium’s idea of this game. I regret not telling DOKDO. I regret not asking them if they just wanted to live a different life somewhere else. My actions left huge production and reaction chains open to attack. Billions of ISK in their assets were left inside Imperium space. By now, however, the gentlemen following me have pulled out everything from Fortress Deklein and will be joining me soon. Still, my move was selfish and for that, I apologize to the folks that I left behind. I gave away all I had made for the Korean community in the blink of an eye. This is exactly why I took nothing with me. It was the only thing I could do for the guys I brought to GSF.


Shockingly and awkwardly, I will continue to write for TMC. Many times I was hilariously accused of biased reporting which is funny looking at it now. Sometimes there was a little bit of Imperial Kool-Aid in the mix, but I made it clear that I enjoyed reporting on the Imperium getting dunked. Was this part of my cover? No. TMC had a bad reputation for reporting with spin on fights, so when I came to the site, I came in to make sure that the success stories of the “enemies” were told while still trying to maintain as neutral a stance as possible (this is impossible, I know). Even though TMC is focused on news for Imperium members, the people of the Imperium want to read about the outside as well. I also want to show that TMC and the team are not any more lenient towards the Imperium than we are anyone else. TMC is an Imperium-ran news site, but it is not one-sided nor controlled by one entity. Thus, I am staying and will write for TMC from the “other side’s” perspective and hope that my contacts within the Imperium will help build complete and full stories.


What is there for me to do now? After all, I am an FC! When the news hit New Eden that I had been a traitor and was ejected from Goonswarm, heaps of mails and convos hit my screen. “Come here”, “go there”, “you should come fight with us!”. There are many opportunities open for me and the men following me. We have made a decision on who we will join and look forward to fighting against you all in this wonderful war. I will miss you all in the Imperium and hope that you find your place in space when this is all over. To Imperium leadership: I hope you find the real spies because I am not the one.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece was originally written by Lemba, and appeared on under his byline.)

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