Netease announces EVE Echoes Trivia Bowl


New information about the upcoming EVE Echoes, like many things during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been sparse. This week the Echoes development team has announced a “Trivia Bowl Contest” revolving around EVE lore. The contest will officially commence on April 26. Breaking from traditional trivia practices, the developer team has invited players to contribute by providing their own questions. Players have until April 20 to submit their questions. Questions should be in multiple choice format, ranked in difficulty on a scale to 1-10 and the answers should be located within EVE.

The following rewards have been revealed: the top 15 highest scorers will get a custom Discord title, and the top 30 highest scores will get to ask the developers a question of their choice (except release date since that is unknowable at this point). With many long time players within the EVE community there should be plenty of interesting questions for the developers to choose from. To participate, join the Eve Echoes Discord and select the Echoes Bowl channel. Look forward to playing with you!

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