The Moneybadgers Coalition (MBC) has completed a takeover of Fade following a general withdrawal of SpaceMonkey’s Alliance (SMA) from the region and the Imperium. SMA systems in Pure Blind are collapsing as well and that entire region remains a mess of pockets of MBC, Imperium, and third party sovereignty. Fidelas Constans departing the warfront creates additional challenges for the Imperium to muster resistance in its western territories.

With the fall of Fade, the MBC has pushed into Deklein taking the symbolic capital systems of YAO-XJ and VFK-IV and reinforcing over a dozen infrastructure hubs in both the eastern and western constellations. The loss of 4-ABS8 jumpbridge highway into Deklein has complicated evacuation, effectively ending regular transit betwen the regions. The YAO-XJ market, once the premier null-sec trade hub, has dropped from the top ten as Imperium commerce has shifted to Saranen. The Moon 9 Quafe Company Warehouse in that system is now the 6th largest trade hub in the galaxy and the largest in either low or null-sec, an effect of the Imperium’s current one-staging policy.

As Test Alliance, Please Ignore (TEST) forces have re-focused on the assault on Deklein, Imperium forces under the banner of The Bastion have secured the western part of Vale of the Silent. Get Off My Lawn (LAWN) continues to struggle in far Vale while Circle-Of-Two (CO2) still retains its constellation in the region. TEST has ambitions to claim permanent sovereignty in the north and it remains unclear where they will try to create a stronghold.

The Saranen staging system continues to host a variety of constant low-level conflict that occasionally escalates despite the Imperium’s general non-engagement strategy. An MBC Titan was recently tackled on the Saranen undock before a Pandemic Legion (PL) supercap fleet bridged in to liberate it. Imperium forces disengaged and docked up. Several Imperium supercapitals have been caught and destroyed in the past two weeks attempting to withdraw or reposition from contested regions without support.

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