It’s (Not) War

mistwarden 2019-03-30

On Saturday, 30 March, The Mittani addressed the Imperium on the weekly Fireside Chat and Meta Show to announce that the Imperium was not going to war in the Drone Regions of The Spire, but major activity began in the area over the last week and has already showed results.

Since the start of the campaign last week, over 30 Infrastructure Hubs (I-Hubs) have been destroyed. These are vital structures for maintaining the system’s income generation, and they allow for upgrades to online power navigation structures. Their destruction weakens the system, removes the most profitable ratting and mining anomalies, and leaves citadels more open to assault.

The Unspoken Alliance has been carrying out a number of entosis operations and attacks on Brothers of Tangra forces as well locally. Operating in small teams, they are able to hit key targets before counterattacking forces can be scrambled, and can also provide entosis teams to hack and win timers which come down to the wire.

To double down and support entosis actions in the region, the Imperium has mobilized the Fremen, a group of solo sov hackers. This allows for individual and small-gang operations against Territorial Control Units and I-Hubs, as well as their nodes, which could end up swinging the conflict and result in the structure dying as main fleets protect and combat defending fleets while the solo pilots do their hacking.

Although the Imperium is not formally at war, they have declared that the region is to be destroyed due to the residents paying rent to support Northern Coalition., who have reportedly been called in to help support the region before being sent home to defend their own space. To double down, the Imperium is offering its own rental program in Period Basis at a low rate to help provide displaced renters with a more permanent and safe home.

While this has not been the whitewash that it was looking at the start of the campaign, key systems’ I-Hubs are being hit, with some taken and some defended. At the end of the day, the question is going to be, “Who can grind out whom first?”

This is a developing and evolving landscape, which INN will aim to cover and report on as the fighting continues. If you are interested in joining the Imperium renting program in Period Basis then contact Sadus in-game today.

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  • Rammel Kas

    What’s actually going on is a 3-way fork of wider strategic dilemmas for NC. And that’s not even counting the risks coming out of the hisec trader wars and the East.

    March 31, 2019 at 11:40 AM