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Here at INN, we aim to cover all the news in New Eden, with a focus on the stories that are happening where you are. The big stories are what everyone knows about in Eve, the trillion-ISK cap fights for five hours in TIDI with 5,000 people in the system. But while INN is there for the big fights, we also love writing about what you and your corp, alliance, sig, or group of friends have been up to, or simply what has been getting you excited this week in New Eden. These pieces are often more entertaining to read about than the big set-piece battles, so please share them!


Single Submissions

We are always looking to take on new writers, to expand our reach, and to pick up more of these stories of day-to-day life in New Eden. If you think you would like to help us record the goings on in Eve, then it is very easy to join us. Simply drop a submission here, and one of our editors will edit it up and get it published. You may submit up to once a month without formalizing an ongoing relationship with INN.


If you would like to try out being on our team, pop into our Discord and ping our @editors. Being a staff writer means you can get paid for multiple articles per month. Writers must commit to one article of any length per 30 days, ranging from a very short breaking news hit to several thousand words. If you do not write an article for 30 days we move you to inactive, and when you have the time and want to come back, we reactivate you. You are free to report stories from your own interests and experiences in New Eden, and our editors will often drop breaking news stories or items of interest into Discord for any available writers to pick up.


Our Editorial Staff largely began as writers, and demonstrated an affinity for organizing thoughts and words as effectively as possible. Our editors do everything from copy-editing submissions, to seeking out and brainstorming new ideas for article content, to prioritizing and preparing articles for publication. Does that sound like you? Prove yourself as a writer, and let us know you’re interested in doing more behind the scenes work as an editor.

Incentive Structure

Articles are paid at a standard rate of 350m ISK per piece.
Unaffiliated writers may submit one article per month. Staff writers are paid per piece with the option to write more than the once-a-month minimum, as often as inspiration strikes. Editors are provided a monthly salary.

How to Apply

Submit individual articles here, or hop onto INN Discord to talk about a more long-term working relationship. You can also apply for an ongoing writing gig by sending in a single submission with “Application” in the title. We look forward to hearing from you!