Join INN Creative!

by INN Staff


The Creative Team is INN’s in-house “art department” for Imperium News. We work with our editorial, streaming, and web development teams to deliver compelling visuals across all INN offerings. Our team include graphic designers, 2D artists, art directors, animators, 3D modelers, and audio/video experts, giving us the capabilities for everything from creating and preparing images you see on the INN website to creating overlays for our INN streamers, all the way up to delivering polished, professional video with CGI effects.



INN’s artists provide the original artwork that accompanies INN articles and other features on the site. Artistic activities might  include developing the artwork, resizing, inserting, and other supporting tasks. Artists are given art credit for each piece that goes live on INN.


Our photographers capture imagery related to the articles we post. This can include all facets of EVE Online – structures, ships, battles, PVE content, and other key in-game events and activities. Photographs must be high resolution, and our photographers often use cloaky ships to get close to a subject. But just as often they are in-fleet in a doctrine ship using the in-game camera to get the action shots they want.

Incentive Structure

INN pays artists at a rate of 200 million ISK for each original work of art, with adjustments for resizing and inserting to compensate for the time required to do the job. Photographers are paid depending on the pictures they provide, and how those pictures are used on the site.

How to Apply

Interested parties  should contact Creative Team Lead Ralos Emiris in the INN Discord.