The Imperium has lately come under attack by what is alternately being called both ‘The Good Guys Coalition’ and ‘Voltron Coalition’ by its own members. In the wake of two successive supercapital construction abortions in Branch and Vale of the Silent along with a concerted effort to harass Vale, The Imperium has announced that the Vale region will be abandoned and that its inhabitants, The Bastion and Get Off My Lawn, will be deploying to Saranen to take part in coalition fleets. To make up for this loss of usable space, both alliances will receive PvE rights in other coalition holdings.

Seen as a victory by TGGC/Voltron and as the first domino to fall, the Imperium has claimed that the retreat from the region is an attempt to consolidate holdings and prevent overextension. Vale of the Silent is seen as too far away from main coalition staging to allow serious defense attempts. The announcement has spawned waves of propaganda and discussions on sites such as Reddit and in Tweetfleet Slack as to if this is truly just a strategic move, or represents the first serious cracks in The Wall.

Further major developments in the war will be covered here at TMC.

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