The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: INN Videos and Lineup for the weekend of 25 FEB 2017


Ready to catch up on all the latest and greatest news from Eve Online this week on our now fully re branded and renamed Channel? We have the talk shows for you this coming weekend including:


Open Comms Show – 02:00 UTC

Dreydan Trovirr, Dirk MacGirk and the Open Comms crew are joined this week by fellow podcaster Tyrant Scorn and others to discuss the latest goings on in and around EVE Online. Nerfs and rumors of nerfs abound, along with a healthy dose of drama. From proposed changes to warp disruption bubbles and focused warp scrambling scripts to the Rorqual and fighters, Open Comms won’t Just Let it Happen without discussing it like only they can!

Talking in Stations + optional Aftershow – 15:00 UTC

Join Matterall and guest in discussing in depth all things EVE Online and the upcoming Burn Jita event, with an optional Aftershow introduced By MacCloud and starring members of the TiS Discord.

The Undead Zone – 20:00 UTC

Erick Asmock and MacCloud run through the weeks events in H1Z1 and 7 Days to Die including some KOTK gameplay.

The Meta Show – 21:00 UTC

Dabigredboat and The Mittani bring you all the goings on in Eve Online alongside special guest Boneytooth.

The Whisky Gaming Show – 20:00 UTC Sunday

Join Erick Asmock and guests in talking all things Gaming and Geek related including talking about the rumoured Rorqual changes



If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the previous weekends worth of talk shows then catch them on our Youtube Channel or our choice picks below. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Open Comms Show – 18 FEB 2017


Talking in Stations – 18 FEB 2017


The Undead Zone – 18 FEB 2017


The Meta Show – 18 FEB 2017


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  • Gla Frite

    It’s been quite a surprise and a nice surprise to hear a bit about the French-speaking “communauty” in Eve in the Meta Show.

    Having French-speaking friends both inside and outside the Imperium, there’s something I heard that should be corrected : the Imperium has for sure quite a lot of French-speaking pilots, but there’s also that guy named Altrue, now gone as far as I know who helped “Beyond Frontier” (BE-FR) who was until recently the French-speaking most prominent corp in Brave to get decent numbers (before being expelled). BE-FR still prolly has by itself as many French-speaking players than the Imperium has. As contested as Altrue could have been, his influence on the european French-speaking players was massive. To get the idea, he founded another 1000-players corp since the beginning of Ascension and now seems gone for other adventures. You prolly know him : he’s the guy who wrote a famous citadel guide and used to run eve-guides.

    There are also lots of other French-speaking groups, but most of the time they just speak English in comms as well as they can (often, badly). Many French-speaking players had a dream of uniting the French communauty & rebuild something like TCF, but the vast majority of players just don’t care. Their lack of proficiency with English will prevent them to play any political role in Eve, so, they just turn to pvp, piracy or mercenary things.

    Hey Boat, you’re right N0Escape’s a really funny guy !!

    (And yes : is probably the most prominent French-speaking forum talking about Eve Online : the similarity of this name with the now dead can help understand how not politically correct what’s written there is, so, please, stay away if you’re looking for balanced and well written information : shitposting is expected there, irony required)

    February 27, 2017 at 12:11 PM