Faction Fortizars: What are they worth?


Art by Smultar.


You’re now the proud owner of a faction Fortizar, CCP’s latest installation in sovereignty mechanics that replaces outposts and conquerable stations…But how much is it worth?

As with any new addition to the Eve universe, there is no market history with faction Fortizars, and the true value will be set by those willing to pay the ISK for the right to own one. While many alliances and corporations may choose to keep the citadels in place, some might see this as an opportunity to cash in.

Imperium News Network spoke with Tuzy, logistics director for the Goonswarm Federation, who said the incentive is to leave them in place without unanchoring them to make use of the rig that comes with it. However, he also noted that “a number of them are in locations in which the current owner can’t defend them.”

That could lead to unanchoring of structures, or even the sale of entire systems in order to allow the Fortizars to remain in space, and to avoid the threat of it being destroyed.

The important thing to remember about faction Fortizars is that there won’t be any more seeded into the game. The number in space now is the most there will ever be. Not counting the structures that replaced outposts, there are 68 ‘Moreau’ Fortizars that replaced conquerable stations.

“So they’ll either be unanchored (and possibly lost while trying to scoop) or taken to Jita and sold, or blown up in place by hostiles,” Tuzy said. “Once they get unanchored, a number of them will get killed in jump freighters moving to and from Jita by the highsec ganking groups.

“Essentially each day that goes by from now until the game closes, there will be less and less of them, thus ever increasing their rarity and value.”

On the Market

Regular Fortizars are selling for about 11 billion ISK, but ‘Moreau’ Fortizars will likely be far more expensive. It’s a defensive beast. If it is fit correctly with rigs, fighters, ammo and the right modules, Tuzy said they could take as long to reinforce as a Keepstar because of the damage cap.

He estimates they could fetch up to 30 billion ISK, but because of their rarity, they could draw much more than that. In the meantime, a buy order has popped up in Empire space for a mere one billion ISK. That kind of transaction wouldn’t reflect private deals for Fortizars that will stay in space as they change hands, however.

The other outpost-style Fortizars also have 1 billion ISK buy orders, but there will be more of those available to players.

Kenneth Feld with Pandemic Legion said the value right now is hard to pin down.

“Much like everything else in this game it comes down to two things – how much someone is willing to pay, and how rare is it,” Feld said. “The more that explode the price goes up, but with (more than 1,000) of them, I would imagine the price will be soft for quite some time.”

Over the next few days and weeks as owners make the decision to sell them, the market will settle on an actual value. Until then, how much do you think these unique structures are worth?

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