EVE Vegas 2020: Under New Management


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In August this year, CCP announced that the 2019 Invasion World Tour has opened their eyes to the opportunities of new locations. They get to meet more players, more new faces, and of course visit new locations on the company dime! As a result, CCP’s big American player meetup will be going on the road, moving to San Diego in 2020 and then to other locations in following years.

While this is fantastic news for CCP and the wider Eve playerbase, Eve Vegas has more than a decade of history within our community, and many players’ instinctive reaction was that 2019 cannot be our last Eve Vegas. It was a player-run gathering long before CCP brought their flair to Sin City, and after so many years, Vegas is a staple of the meetup calendar; surely, someone will step up and return it to player hands?

As it happens, Eve Vegas is returning, and it looks set to return with barely a stumble. CCP Games have decided to move on, but a group of players are stepping in to fill the void…

The New Vegas

In the early hours of November 22, the Vegas 2020 team launched their campaign with a bang, providing simultaneous Reddit and Twitter threads, as well as dropping relevant links in multiple Eve community Discord servers. The announcement was accompanied by a preliminary Google poll, designed to gauge early attendee numbers and priorities. This poll will inform planning priorities as the committee moves into the new year, so if you want to get in on Vegas 2020, be sure to fill it in!

While there are no dates for the 2020 event as yet, the team behind this new Eve Vegas is looking for feedback from everyone, in an attempt to create the “best player-run Eve Vegas yet.” The aforementioned team also includes some very storied names:- Greygal, The Judge, Rixx Javix, and the StreamFleet crew, just to name a few.

This player-focused meetup seems to be gathering some fantastic steam without any specific date or content announcements as yet, and here at INN, we are very excited to see what players can do with Eve Vegas following the Invasion Tour.

Be sure to stay tuned to INN, as well as the Vegas2020 Reddit and Twitter accounts, for updates on this fresh take on an old player gathering!

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  • Wasn’t Vegas a Goonfleet endeavor originally? CCP were eventually persuaded to make a guest-appearance IIRC.

    November 24, 2019 at 8:05 PM