EVE Entreprenuership: Press On or Move On?


Fast Times in EVE Online

One of the most interesting aspects of EVE is how your adversary one day can become your friend the next. The landscape outside of Empire-controlled space is always changing as alliances vie for control. Pirates work with and against each other in all parts of space. Personally, a once small time CEO joins Karmafleet. How does this all happen? If you are working on something in EVE, when do you know the time is right to press on or move on? This is a complex question, but in this article I will give some advice that will help guide you to a satisfactory decision.

When to Press On

In everything there are defining moments. Whether it’s a tough battle, a disagreement, or a significant loss, there are moments that will test everything that you have worked so hard to bring together. Order and profit are much harder than entropy and loss, so it is always an uphill battle for the gears to turn. You and yours have to give it all you’ve got against many forces that can bring everything to a grinding halt.

How do you know it’s worth it? Economics teaches us about opportunity costs. When you do something, you give up the opportunity to do anything else with that time. So really, it comes down to what you are doing in the first place, if you know what that even is! Hopefully if you have a project and an organization, you have some sort of a plan. Are you working against another group? Are you building up your own? Do you have some bigger initiative you’re working towards? These are some really personal questions, and it can be hard to think about such a nebulous subject without an example. I’ll be using my own experience to frame what could be:

I was hanging out with my small band of pirates in The Carver Club, and I wasn’t logging on much. I was in the throes of World of Warcraft: Legion progression, and my group of close friends in EVE remained the same. Some of our other acquaintances were moving on as our content waned, and Rakanishu Esil totally reset the corporation, kicking everyone, including me, and preparing an alt to hold on to the corporation name and heraldry.

At this point I was getting bored with WoW. I was not part of the clique that controlled the guild I was in so I was getting benched for progression content. My own sense of opportunity cost kicked in, and I decided it was time to focus on EVE. The Ascension expansion was about a month away from release, and I was excited to prep for what could be an amazing change to EVE’s landscape. I told Rak that we would be helping new players and ripping them out of high sec into low sec like crazy, so he invited the core members back and we went to work.

Along with doing our normal recruiting and content, I put together the Carver Club Overview. I campaigned on this document’s mission, vision, and goals both internally and externally. We turned Carver Club Reception into a channel to talk to our potential recruits and pirate acquaintances as a community, not just a passing public channel. These works and my tireless efforts secured me the role of CEO, and I led us towards being fully prepared for the flood of activity that Ascension would bring. We had attracted a small, dedicated team, prepared our local space, and were poised to show some Alphas and new players a great time as CCP ramped up their marketing for the Free to Play crowd.

This is the epitome of a “when to press on” situation. I knew The Carver Club had the right mix of talent and dedication to be a content creator when Ascension launched. I grabbed that bull by the horns, and we did great things. Ascension released without a hitch, and the newbros/ returning players flooded in. We had planned, we were prepared, and we had months of dank killmails, great laughs, in-depth debates, and a roaring community spirit. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do these things to press on and find success:

  • Rally your Core Team
  • Build a Plan
  • Execute
  • Re-evaluate
  • Iterate

When to Move On

Like all good things, at some point they must come to an end. Sometimes the culmination of a great achievement meets with a resounding crash that washes away much of what you built. A surge of effort can’t last forever, and at some point your goals and mission can become obsolete. Again, I will give a personal anecdote that ends with my current membership in Karmafleet:

After a few months of consistent fleet content, good times, and interesting people, our organization came into a very intriguing conflict with a corporation named Legends Unbound. I could write a whole article about this topic, and I probably will in the future. For the brief version, a “variety streamer” on Twitch put together a corporation when Ascension released. Their membership went up to about 400 members almost instantly due to his viewership. They were getting blasted in NPC null space, so they decided to put up an Astrahus in lowsec. Some of my members caught wind of this, and through our connections put together a multi-organization group to take down the Citadel.

This was a huge shift for our corporation. We were doing mid-sized fleet battles along with this conflict, and it gave some of my FCs a taste of what the bigger scale of EVE was all about. This came as we were losing a little steam on our normal roaming content, and I thought we were going to evolve with this new change. I was ready, but unfortunately I was the only one.

Pretty much everyone in the corp burnt out on larger scale content almost instantly, and my new director was just getting overwhelmed with the idea that he might just be responsible for something. All of this combined with the holidays just ruined our momentum, and almost everyone went their separate ways. However, I don’t see this as a defeat. I still keep in touch with everyone that contributed to the organization, and I talk to many of them almost daily. A few of our members are still working together in lowsec, and many are trying different organizations that are more focused in specific aspects of the game.

It was almost unanimous by the highly active members in the corp that it was time for a change. We are all pursuing our personal projects, and they all are better EVE players as a result of our months together. This is a good example of a “when to move on” situation. Sometimes it is a natural progression, like in this case. More often the schism is less amicable. Unfortunately I don’t have any examples of juicy drama or inter-corporation Awoxing. If you do, please share your story in the comments. My relationships are all still intact, and I’m sure I will work together with some of my EVE friends in the future.

One thing that I can’t stress enough, both for EVE and in real business, is holding on to a hopeless situation. Many people fall into the Sunk Cost Fallacy, believing much of what they’ve invested to do their work is still worth a huge amount. Really, it’s only worth something if someone wants it. Be it a bunch of ships and modules for doctrines, or a business in deep decline in real life, it’s more of an obstacle than an asset. Once you understand that it’s only getting in your way, it is much easier to cut your loss and get what you can out of it instead of languishing and falling deeper into trouble. A failure’s impact is only as much as you allow it to be. You may have lost something, but wise entrepreneurs will understand they have learned a valuable lesson.

Your Unique Story

We all come from different places and have done different things in EVE. What is your story? For me, I’ve come out to participate in the Winter War with Karmafleet. I decided to join them after working with the Imperium News Network and getting to know some folks from Goonswarm Federation. Really, their organization is like any large corporate entity. They give you the tools to do things, and it’s up to you to get involved and contribute. As far as I’ve seen you can do as much or as little as you want, and that’s great. Flexibility allows people to go through periods of high and low activity without having to change organizations, and that is a strength for keeping people engaged, no matter their focus in life.

If you’re interested in seeing nullsec and having some fun with the Imperium through Karmafleet, send me a message in the INN Discord. I’d be more than happy to guide you through the out of game tools such as comms and the forums, and help you ask questions in the right places so you don’t get overwhelmed or embarrassed.

Also, share your “press on” or “move on” stories in the comments. EVE is a big place, and we can’t even begin to experience all of it except through our friends. Good luck out there, and know where you stand! Don’t get stuck in a paradigm that doesn’t match up to reality. It will cost you time and sanity, and nobody wants that.

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  • carebear123

    Perhaps it was the repeated anti-Muslim arguments from you and other not-casual-racism that drove people away from your corporation.

    January 18, 2017 at 3:43 PM
    • Londala Pox carebear123

      In short, debate me, and at least let me know who is making libelous accusations. In long, I will be getting my sources together to give you a more poignant response. Unlike you, I have some journalistic integrity.

      January 18, 2017 at 4:11 PM
    • Londala Pox carebear123

      Alright. I’m ready for this debate with my references. Are you?

      January 18, 2017 at 5:43 PM
    • semirans carebear123

      Just for the record, since I am the current CEO of the Carver Club, Don’t bother applying if you want to defend a religion (or tell me that I have to accept it) that says if a woman is raped, 4 other men must testify that it happened, or she is to blame, that marrying a 6 year old is acceptable, and that I have rights that are different than a man. I have an incredibly open mind when it comes to people and other beliefs. What I don’t accept is when someone tells me I must accept, affirm or condone beliefs or behaviors that I find unacceptable. I live in a free country and I expect to be afforded the same freedom of belief that I extend to all other people without being called names for doing so.

      January 18, 2017 at 6:52 PM
      • Bill McDonough semirans

        Religion and Culture are incredibly complex and intertwined subjects. Nobody here at INN condones any form of racism or sexism, and we’re certainly not about to defend either. That said, 25% of the world’s population is far too large a group to be painted with a single brush, and we’d ask that people remember that, as well.

        Yes, the Koran (regardless of how you anglicize the spelling) contains some passages that modern, secular readers may find objectionable. It is also over 1400 years old. I know from personal experience that at 1/14th that age (ok, he was only 94), my own Grandfather held some views I found pretty outdated, too.

        Religious texts represent the people and the times that created them. If you read Leviticus, the Book of the Law of the Old Testament, there are a number of provisions in there that modern, secular readers might object to as well. The same can be said of the Pauline Epistles where women are diected to ‘submit’ in all things to their husbands.

        Times change. Society changes. In some parts of the world—Uganda stands our as one example—Christians still engage in acts that many in the ‘Developed World’ would consider cruel and barbaric. Millions of Muslims live as vital, peace-loving neighbors to members of other religions all around the world.

        My intention here is certainly not to infringe on anyone’s personal freedom or agency, or tell anyone how to think or behave in general. Rather, it is simply to say that this is a very complicated and nuanced issue for a great many people. Rational, polite discourse about even issues we feel strongly about is a hallmark of modern civilization, and something I am personally very happy to encourage and engage in.

        However, if things start to get ugly—and on this topic, they most assuredly can, quickly—I will not hesitate to shut things down completely. Be engaged, talk to one another, but please, be adults.

        January 18, 2017 at 7:45 PM
        • Londala Pox Bill McDonough

          Thanks Bill. I mean, it’s easy to try and defame someone. It much harder for anyone to have context of where such posts would come from, so here it is:

          In The Carver Club we would have lots of debates on controversial topics. It was part of being in the corp. People could leave those conversations at any time, and it wasn’t like it was required. It’s just something that the core membership has done with each other since the corp has been around. Many of these conversations were clearly thought experiments and/or theoretical in nature. We’re not talking about reality. We’re talking about things in a scientific way, and I tried to always make that clear. If people were scared out of my corp because of that, well, they didn’t need to be there. Life is not simple, and free speech and debate are something that are very important and regularly exercised by my old corp (most of whom are still current and long standing friends.) This is not true of many organizations, whether online or in person.

          People have to tip-toe around these subjects, and I think it’s complete garbage. If you make something taboo, then it’s just going to get worse, and the divide between people on different sides of a conflict are just going get wider. Communicate. Talk about your differences. Become human to your opposition. That’s the only way to build community within a diverse group.

          If people find this offensive, I hope they do. Maybe they’ll learn how to deal with being offended instead of running away and crying. Or, theyll just run away and cry. I’ve either taught you a lesson or don’t have to concern myself with their fragile reality paradigm.

          January 18, 2017 at 11:37 PM
  • semirans

    I’ve never heard Pox say anything racist. (islam is not a race). As far as anti muslim comments, any religion that teaches that women are less than 1/2 a man, have no rights, and can be married off at the age of 6 should be spoken against.

    January 18, 2017 at 4:25 PM
  • Alan Raby

    “My new director was just getting overwhelmed with the idea that he might just be responsible for something.” Wait a minute – this is a serious contradiction. I was under the clear impression that it was that director purely of his own devices that brought CC that content, not Pox. There seems to be some passing of the buck here. Luckily said director is moving on and a healthy and evolving eve pilot (he is just a very bright, very young man who only wants to play for fun after all). If you were the real CEO, youve heard the term ‘the buck stops here.’ So please dont blame someone else for stuff he has nothing to do with. You should be complimenting those kids for their contributions if anything!

    January 23, 2017 at 3:28 AM
    • Xho Mishi Alan Raby

      My thoughts exactly… well said.

      January 28, 2017 at 3:47 PM