EVE Echoes Interview with Netease Neros


Art by Quendan Comari

The following interview with Netease’s Neros was conducted by SovereignRPG a few months ago and, with his permission, it is being re-posted here so that its contents can be viewed by a wider audience. Some questions have been left out, such as regarding Fanfest, which is no longer relevant. Gentle editing was applied for clarity where needed.

Q: The Q3 2020 release date that is floating around because of the Trello. Is this accurate or just a placeholder?
It is an accurate date. (Note: In light of COVID-19 pandemic the developers have said that the game will be delayed by one month from the initial planned release date)

Q: We have been told by that skill injectors will be sold in the Giveaway AMA. Does this mean that there will definitely be skill injectors? Or will the extractors be used as a sort of respect for yourself only?
There will be injectors, almost the same as EVE Online. The release time has not been decided yet.

Q: There has been speculation over the Alpha/Omega limits. What will this entail? What limits do you have planned for Alpha pilots?
In general, Alphas will be limited with learning skills, using special ships, manufacturing and so on.

Q: Do we have group content planned similar to invasions/incursions? Can you shed any light on that?
We already have a document about invasions, it has been discussed. But, we think its too early for Echoes at this time. It will be implemented when the time is right.

Q: You have mentioned that exploration may be slightly different in Echoes. Can you give us any details?

Q: Will there be any events during downtime that will keep our players entertained?
A closed test or some warm up event.

Q: Will you be able to give us any details on Ammo, what will it look like? I know a lot of people were quite happy with there not being any ammo during the beta. But is this what is intended for launch?
It’s almost likely it will work like EVE Online’s scripts, the scripts are used to change the weapon’s range & damage. The ammo will be as an authorization, we think the normal ammo is infinite and we won’t put them into the inventory. The ammo only changes the damage of the weapon. Such as Gurista medium missile, Sansha small crystal etc.

Q: This one I know you probably won’t be able to answer. But you cannot blame a man for trying. Can you give us any dates on upcoming tests?
The implementation time has many uncertain factors. Too many factors make the date to be unsure. At present, the team thinks its probable that we will be finished before Q4 of 2020 (including testing)

Q:  Warp stabs and rigs. They seem to be very overpowered in the way that some people can literally not be stopped. Is this how its meant to be?
Yes, it is our setting. Facing a warp disruption module can be so despairing. In Echoes, you can change the situation. You can also use more powerful warp disruption modules in Echoes.

Q: Quite a big question on everyone’s mind including mine. Can we get some clarification about high security’s lack lack of PvP? Is this what is wanted in the end product? While I personally am OK with there being a non-PvP zone or the new guys to get a footing, this can also be exploited by null blocs holding stuff in HS that cannot be touched. If HS will stay a no PvP zone how will you combat this?
We think we won’t enable PvP in high sec.  This might disappoint some suicide gankers, but more innocent people will be satisfied.

Q: Capital ships (mainly Titans) I believe they are not suited for Eve Echoes. I view it as going down a deep dark hole and the result will be the same as Eve Online with one giant stalemate. What does the team have in mind for Titans, as well as capitals in general?
We have discussed capital ships including Titans. We have many ideas for this, such as multiple drivers in one Titan. Capital ships may become a temporary station in space. But at this point, it’s too early to discuss.

Q: I know that some of you have been playing Eve as long as I have. How does it feel to actually be part of a team that is creating a whole new universe, for a new market, for people to experience what we have experienced over the years?
Our feeling of creating a new world? I think most of us have a unique universe in our minds. We just want to bring the most perfect universe out to our places. It’s objective, every setting shall be natural.

Q: Are you going to be playing this beautiful game after launch with us? What are your plans?
Most of us will, but you won’t know who we are. Let’s destroy each other in space shall we?

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  • Jack

    What are they trying to accomplish by releasing Eve Echos? To draw more people into the Eve Online main game or just make it a separate standalone game?

    Doesn’t make all that sense to me – why not just spend the resources to work on releasing a regular Eve Online client for tablets?

    April 26, 2020 at 3:57 PM