E3 2017 – Nintendo Press Conference


By the time Tuesday rolled around, I wasn’t sure there was anything Nintendo could do to really impress after days of mediocre press conferences. Yes, there was plenty of interesting stuff on display, to be sure, but none of it really commanded the same level of excitement as last year’s E3. Or the few before that.

And this fact wasn’t particularly helped by the fact that I’m a long-time Nintendo skeptic.

I wasn’t always. For years, I ravenously consumed Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. Years after that, I enjoyed N64 and Gamecube games. I even stood in line for the Wii when it first released. And I was the proud owner of a DS, then a 3DS. But a slowly waning compression of the Nintendo portfolio began to feel constricting. And stale. So, I turned my back on one of the most beloved companies from my childhood. And I was less than impressed when the switch was announced. Less so, when I had the opportunity to play some of the latest Zelda title on the Wii U.

So, when I sat down to watch the extremely short video that Nintendo had prepared for E3 2017, I expected for the content within to be as disappointing as the video was short.


If nothing else, Nintendo is the best at recapturing excitement. Much of what was revealed this year was expected. But seeing it was exciting.

There was a trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. And, though the voice acting is somewhat suspect for a modern title, the game looks interesting.

Then, there was a trailer for Kirby. I loved Kirby when I was younger, so seeing a new title in the franchise was pure joy.

Nintendo also took a brief moment to announce that a core Pokemon RPG title was in the works for the Switch. They said that it would likely be over a year before the title was available, but wanted to make sure that everyone knew it was coming.

After that, they revealed what was likely the biggest news of the night. The trailer was short – no more than a title for the game – but it was enough to set the internet ablaze. After years, Nintendo would be making a fourth Metroid Prime game.

That trailer was followed by one for Yoshi.

Then, Fire Emblem Warriors, due out this fall.

Following that, they talked about the next two DLC expansions for Breath of the Wild. The first was The Master Trails, which includes  theTrail of the Sword, the Hero’s Path Mode, new armor, a Korok mask, and Master Mode. The second expansion is The Champions’ Ballad, which includes new champions. And each of those will also be available as Amiibo later this year as well.

New Challengers

One thing that Nintendo insisted on during their short press video was that the Switch is a system that will push the boundaries of challenge. By this, they meant that its portable nature would make challenging new opponents easier, and more versatile, than ever. Along with this assertion, they announced a few tournaments that would be taking place at E3. First, the 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational. Then, the Pokken Invitational, And, finally, the Arms Open Invitational.

The Big Guns

Nintendo ended their short video with a trio of impressive titles.

First, they showed off a trailer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles. This was a game that Ubisoft showed off during its press conference, but Nintendo was loathe to let us forget about the title so soon.

Next, there was a trailer for the release of Rocket League on the Switch. The title will play host to exclusive cars, exclusive customizations, and cross-network play. Coming this holiday, it should expand the already robust Rocket League community by leaps and bounds.

Nintendo ended the night with an announcement for a new Mario game called Super Mario Odyssey (which, from the beginning of the trailer, I wasn’t even aware was a Mario game, at first).

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in the trailer, but the game looks robust. And that theme song is nothing short of infectious! Expect to see the latest title in the Mario franchise on October 27.

One Conference to Rule them All?

Without even trying, Nintendo seems to have broken all expectations this year at E3. With only a few games, the Switch is already a massively popular system and Nintendo has made sure to make a hefty case for owning one. And, honestly, even with my reservations, when the video ended, I was seriously contemplating whether going out and buying a Switch would actually be worth it.

And, just for that, Nintendo has my vote for “best of show”. Bravo!

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  • Markonius Porkbutte

    Nice. Very tempted to switch over to the Switch.

    June 15, 2017 at 3:29 PM
  • Pew Pew

    Yoshi looks almost exactly the same as little big planet.

    June 16, 2017 at 9:50 AM