Destiny 2: Electric Boogaloo


For those who were immensely disappointed with Bungie’s first offering of Destiny back in September, 2014, there’s good news! They’ve made enough money to make a sequel, one in which they promise to make the experience “more meaningful.” Today, at a Bungie press conference, the trailer and first glimpse into the new game was revealed. At the beginning of his presentation, director Luke Smith promised that the game will revolve around three pillars: “A world that pulls you in,” followed by “Amazing things to do,” and finished with “Always someone to play with.”

To further illustrate Bungie’s commitment to changing the Destiny concept, Smith also promises that Trials, raids, and Nightfall “will be available to all players.” There will also be a more robust clan system and more customization options for clan banners. Gear will also get further customizations and warlocks will get a new melee-based class called “Dawnblade,” which, in case you haven’t guessed, slashes at things.  That said, it’s hard to tell presently if the team is really making a large departure from the original Destiny formula, or just basically iterating on its previous mediocrity.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Destiny 2 is that it will be released through Blizzard’s service. This will make it the sixth game available on the platform which could mean some pretty great sales expectations.  The partnership between Blizzard-Activision has only seen the publication of Blizzard games on Destiny will be the first publication that breaks this. While the inevitable bemoaning of “Why isn’t it on Steam” is already starting to be heard, has proven to be a reliable and quality platform.

It is often said that the line between love and hate can be very close sometimes. There is a lot about Destiny to love: it is a beautiful game with amazing concept art and an unobtrusive user interface. However, time and again it feels hollow and poorly written. It is a game that seems to copy a lot of other Bungie games as well as other FPS/Co-op/RPG games without really doing anything original itself. Currently, Destiny 2 looks more like an expansion than a completely reimagined game. While the story takes place in the far off future, and this time there seems to be some kind of invasion that makes you want to really care about characters in the mix, the real question is will this be enough to get players through Destiny’s somewhat flat and recycled story lines?  Like all games that center around leveling and progression based game play, will there be enough content and motivation to keep players going from one mousetrap to another? For now, we’ll just have to sit and wait.


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  • elaqure

    Thanks for taking the time to cover the official Destiny 2 reveal today. I’m excited about the fact that the sequel is coming to PC and hope that Bungie can deliver something great. I played the first on a bit on PS4, but wasn’t too excited about it. Here’s hoping that their second outing is far more riveting!

    May 19, 2017 at 3:59 AM
  • Alot

    The opposite of love is indifference – as an arbitrary side point. I got an opportunity to play a VR FPS and its completely ruined non-VR FPS’s for me – or as I now call them, click-on-things-for-death-animations.

    May 19, 2017 at 8:48 AM
  • Pew Pew

    Wasn’t the thing with Destiny that it had great mechanics and “feel” but lacked story or really any reason to play other than grind?

    If so it’s perfect for a sequel. One good writer and suddenly it’s an all time classic.

    Of course they’ve probably just made some shitty fanservice, but that seems to be the zeitgeist for this decade.

    May 19, 2017 at 1:24 PM
    • Markonius Porkbutte Pew Pew

      Yeah the grind is really real. While it’s not as bad as a lot of MMOs, it’s compounded by having no story so you really do feel like there’s no point to it all.

      On top of all this, I just read that the game will not have dedicated servers. While this isn’t a huge deal for a ‘multiplayer’ game, it certainly puts the nail in the coffin for anyone thinking Destiny has an MMO aspect. It really will just be basically ‘single player plus others.’

      I guess I’m not surprised by any of this but I am disappointed. A studio with a basically unlimited budget is hedging on mediocrity.

      May 19, 2017 at 3:17 PM
      • I think interestingly that innovation is inversely proportional to the budget. Some crazy indy dev working alone can try anything and might create a new genre. A giant team who all have mortgages and investors are always going to play it safe for a reasonable return, they’d be mad not to.

        Of course being too safe is it’s own danger.

        May 20, 2017 at 8:29 AM