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Tools Of The Trade: The Slippery Pete

Submission 2014-12-01

Special thanks to Kcolor for the interview on how the Slippery Pete is used. The Slippery Pete Tengu is one of the most effective high-skill PvP platforms in Eve. The fitting and its use were pioneered by Elo Knight and…

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Tech 3 Cruisers: Reality Check

Submission 2013-09-30

On March 10th, 2009, CCP released wormholes and four Tech 3 (T3) Strategic Cruisers in the Apocrypha expansion, including one hull for each of the major Empire factions: Legion, Loki, Proteus, and Tengu. Ever since their introduction, Strategic Cruisers have been an indispensable, and often expensive, tool of exploration…