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EVE: Valkyrie at Fanfest 2017

Turk Fezzik 2017-04-09

CCP Roo took the stage Saturday to present a recap of the first year of Valkyrie, the upcoming Groundrush expansion, and the team’s plans for the future. Groundrush—Valkyrie’s fifth expansion—exits the launch tube on April 11 and brings the fight…

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CCP’s Roadmap to 2016

David Matterall 2015-12-24

CCP is on course to see an influx of players this spring thanks to Valkyrie and the Citadel expansion, among other factors. EVE Online could benefit greatly if CCP’s preparations and calculations work out. New players from the virtual reality…

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EVE: The Release Roadmap to Fanfest

TMC Archives 2015-10-03

CCP Seagull has appeared in a video in the latest devblog, which discusses the roadmap for EVE Online through to Spring 2016, coinciding with Fanfest of next year. Being a roadmap, some of these features are a bit light on…