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Imperium Platoon Nights in Planetside 2

Porkbutte 2016-09-20

WEDNESDAY NIGHT – PLATOON NIGHT This fall, whether or not you want to shoot with us or at us, the Imperium will be playing some PlanetSide 2 on Wednesday nights from 9-11 Eastern Standard Time on the Emerald server (Vanu…

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Wrel’s Planetside 2: Infiltrator Cert Guide

TMC Archives 2015-02-11

The infiltrator class in Planetside 2 relies on stealth to provide diverse roles across all forms of enagement. Their primary weapons are the long-range sniper rifle, mid-range scout rifle, or the close combat submachine gun. They also employ a cloaking…

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Planetside 2: Community Clash #2 – TRG vs GOTR

TMC Archives 2013-08-23

Community Clash #2 – TRG vs GOTR On Wednesday, August 21st, Ghosts of the Revolution fought against The Republican Guard in what was one of the most exciting Planetside 2 eSport matches that I have had the pleasure to watch….

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PS2: Engineer – Can Do!

TMC Archives 2013-08-21

The three-way battle for Auraxis is an ever-turning war machine, and the Engineers of each faction are the grease that keeps the cogs turning smoothly. Vehicles and MAXes need repairs, choke points need to be mined, and guns need ammo….

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SOE Live: Interview with Zoidbergenstein and TWF

TMC Archives 2013-08-12

I had a chance to sit down¬†and get an interview¬†during the SOE Live Pool Party with Zoidbergenstein (NUC) and TWF (Future Crew), the leaders of two of the best Planetside 2 outfits. This was post Ultimate Empire Showdown, a community-run…

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Planetside 2’s Main Battle Tanks: A Comparison

TMC Archives 2012-10-28

Planetside 2 is fundamentally a game about infantry combat; brutal meatgrinders where you can spend half an hour securing a stairwell or half of a hill. However, tanks can still have an incredible effect, their main guns deal significant damage…